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Top 10 Ways To Earn Money Online For Beginners | Full Details|

Top 10 ways to earn money online. I share with you how to make money online for beginners. It is a totally free method to make money from home.

Top 10 ways to earn money online. I share with you how to make money online for beginners. It is a free method to make money from home. Hello friends, do you interested to earn money online don't worry I will 'tell you the best-earning platform to earn money for free?

                                                                                                                     There are a trusted platform and the website provided you the best income.  If you have a skill in any platform or not, that does not matter but you have knowledge in anyone you can easily earn money. Such skills are web design, software development, good presentations, website development, logo maker, video editor, photo 📸 editing, photography, intro maker, banner maker, etc. 



    Blogging is the best platform to make money online for free. It is free to make a blog you need not pay money. We search for everything on google sometimes you imagine that how all information provided by Google. Google provided all information through blogs. 

    All the people want to get government jobs but someone gets government jobs so, most of the people are jobless. So, most of the people live in-home and search for how to make money online at home.

    Blogging is a free article write tool provided by google with no cost. You can write an article on whatever topics and categories. Under blogging, you get a sub-domain for freeAre you existed to write ✍ articles in the blog just you need to have one computer and internet?

     You can write an article in any language but the English language is best for you. You need to properly high-quality articles for rank in the first position. You need to create a backlink. 

                                   The backlink is used to rank your site as the first position.  You also rank your site by writing high-quality articles and maintain SEO and site speed. But backlink is the external source to rank your site. Backlink means you make a link to your site other popular sites like Quora, medium, and others not trusted sites.

    How To Create a Blogging Account?

    Step 1:First, you need to go browser and type
    Step 2:And click the blogger's official website and you need to have one Gmail account.
    Step 3:Click on creating a new blog and sign up here.
    Step 4: And choose a perfect domain name for your blog.
    Step 5: And you will blog dashboard and now you need to have a good template for your blog for a professional blog.


    YouTube is a free platform to join millions of creators. YouTube is the best platform to share all ideas through videos. Google owns YouTube. YouTube creators earn money through ads sense account. 

    Most of the company wants to promote its product. So, the company advertises its ads through YouTube and pays money on YouTube. YouTube provides 55% money, YouTube creators.

    Do you want to create your channel, wait because you make a YouTube as a profession? Do you need to choose your talent which sector you are perfect like technology, health, comedy, drama, and so on?  Choose YouTube as a full-time career and upload videos once a week.

    Tips To Success in YouTube

     Engage Your Audience 

    This is the most effective method to grow your YouTube channel. When viewers watch your videos up to 5 to 6 minutes, it helps you to viral your videos. If viewers don't subscribe to your YouTube channel, it doesn't matter but you need to engage your audience.   When audiences engage in your videos YouTube automatically shows your videos on your audience, it doesn't matter to subscribe to your YouTube channel or not.

    Work On Thumbnail Up to 15 Minutes

    You need to grow your YouTube channel you need to improve your thumbnail. Thumbnail engaged your audience to watch your videos. And then you need to write a title on thumbnail just like question marks.  Just like how to grow YouTube channel, how to add tags on YouTube videos, goes MERA YouTube channel grow Kiya, etc. 

    Add Proper Tags, Title And Descriptions

    Grow your YouTube channel you need to understand how to add proper tags, titles, and descriptions. It is simple first you need to add a simple title and then paste your title in descriptions and also paste in tags. And then search your title in google and go to below the page where you can find people search this also and copy all and paste on tags.

    Add End Screen And Brand Logo

    Grow your YouTube channel you need to add end screen and brand logo. The end 🔚 screen helps to engage your audience. It is also a possibility viewers go to your channel home. Add end 🔚 and brand logo you need to go YouTube channel setting and go to your videos where you can set end screen and there is an option end screen and click ok and then set it.

    Add Keyword To Your Channel

    Grow your YouTube channel you need to add a keyword to your YouTube channel. You need to add a proper keyword for your channel for what category your channel has. Your channel is about technology then add a keyword like tips and tricks, how-to, online earning, video editing, etc.


    If you want to know what is freelancing and how freelancer earns money by doing minor tasks.  Freelancing is a kind of job that can do tasks in freelancing and is called freelancers. 

    You need to have any skills to join in freelancing such as web development, logo design, apps development, intro maker, video editing, photo editing, graphics design, photography, software development, etc. 

    Join in freelancing you need to create an account. Most of the rich countries search for people they do their work. Freelancing is the best platform to get jobs or provide jobs to others. 

    There are 18 freelancing website to find jobs





    Simply Hired




    The creative group


    Writer access


    Task Rabbit






    How To freelance?

    Earn through freelancing you need to understand your market condition and target your audiences.  First, create a fresh account and add your skills in a freelancing profile. Most of the foreign countries need to do their work so they offer to the public to do their work. 

    You need to search for your type of skills and do their work. You get a good income to complete their work.  If you want to hire for work and want to work in freelancing. There is get much work in freelancers.

    Affiliate Marketing

    Affiliate marketing is a performance where you promote any business product to the customers and if someone buys this product, you get some commission through owners of the product. Affiliate marketing joins millions of people they made affiliate marketing as a profession.  You can promote products by amazon product, Flipkart product, ClickBank, ShareASale affiliates,  eBay partners, Rakuten Marketing affiliates, Lead pages partner program, studio press affiliate website, etc. You can promote any product like health, electronics, fashion, books,  homes product, etc. Affiliate marketing you get a different commission through different categories product.

    For Examples: Amazon provides different commission in a unique product

    Video games and game consoles- 1.0%

    Televisions and digital download games- 2.0%

    Computers, computer components, DVD and Blu-Ray- 2.5%
    Tablets and Kindle devices- 4.00%
    Paper books, healthcare, personal care, sports, kitchen, car and baby products- 4.50%

    Photography( sell photos)

    Earn Rs 30,000 online! | sell photos online and make money | Best part-time jobs 2020? | Earn money. You want to earn money through click image then you are right place. You are selling your photos and earn a good income. The trusted website or platform provided you good comes is:

    Adobe Stock
    Sell on your own website
    Tour photos
    SmugMug pro

    This is the trusted and customers friendly website or platform to earn money by click images. You can click your photos by DSLR or a pleasant quality mobile camera.  There is also sell photos by editing through photoshop or any editing software. Shows your photos as a unique and just upload this website. 

    They check the quality or size of your photos and just inform you when photos accepted. Make a photos size up to 1MB or less.  There are other many websites provided you best income by upload others copyright image. Adobe stock and shutter stock is popular to sell photos. If someone visits and downloads the owner of your photos of the site provided you a commission.  You are the only owner of that money 💵 means the owner of the site provided you a full income.

    It is good or not to sell photos by click with mobile

    If you have quality mobile camera 📸 phones so obviously, you can sell your photos on any platform. If you hadn't had a pleasant quality mobile camera so please, you can't sell your photos. But I have a suggestion for you if you are a talented photo editor then you have to sell your photos on any platform. You need to download copyright images from the website and make it more attractive.

    Free Copyright Images Download

    Use copyright images to search any image you want to. Then go to the image side. And there are available tools options and click them. You can see usage right and click labels for reuse and modification. Now you can use all image.

    Content Marketing

    Nowadays, content marketing gains most of its popularity. content marketing is a strategic marketing approach focused on valuable, relevant, and consistent content. Most of the platform sells its content to others. There are many companies that make content and distributed it to others.  

     How To Check Grammer Of Content For Free

    You need to go on chrome extension and search their grammar checker

    Pro Writing Aid

    Logo Design

    Logo design is simple and easy. Most of the foreigners hire to make a logo for him. There is a category of logo design. It is doesn't matter you are perfect in logo design or not. You easily make a simple logo on a mobile or computer. You think 🤔 most of the foreigners are perfect they do their own work easily but this is wrong they hire people as simple work like creating a Facebook account, create a banner, thumbnail making, article writing, etc. I highly recommended working on logos, web, graphic design, and more.

    Best Website To Earn Money By Logo Design

    Logo Make With Mobile

    Tailor Brands
    Squarespace Logo Maker
    Logo Garden
    Logo Genie
    Hipster logo generator


    My conclusion is that if you have any talent, you are always successful on any platform. Just try to improve yourself and start learning. Most of the successful person is a success with their smart 🧠 and hard work. Stay safe and earn online. One a day, you are successful.

    Hello to everyone. My name is Sandesh Tandan. was created by myself. It's my personal blog where I offer graphic design, Blogging, programming, and digital marketing advice.

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