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How To Grow YouTube Channel in Nepal 2021?


How to grow the youtube channel in 2021. I share with you tips and tricks to grow the youtube channel as you want. But before we start you need to serious because you can't grow without seriousness.


Engage Your Audience 

This is the most effective method to grow your youtube channel. When viewers watch your videos for up to 5 to 6 minutes it helps you to viral your videos. If viewers don't subscribe to your youtube channel it doesn't matter but you need to engage your audience.   When audiences engage in your videos youtube automatically shows your videos to your audience, it doesn't matter to subscribe to your youtube channel or not.

Work On Thumbnail Up to 15 Minutes

You need to grow your youtube channel you need to improve your thumbnail. Thumbnail engaged your audience to watch your videos. And then you need to write a title on thumbnail just like question marks.  Just like how to grow youtube channel, how to add tags on youtube videos, kaisey mera youtube channel grow Kiya, etc. 

Add Proper Tags, Title And Descriptions

To grow your youtube channel you need to understand how to add proper tags, titles, and descriptions. It is quite simple first you need to add a simple title and then paste your title in descriptions and also paste in tags. And then search your title in google and go to below the page where you can find people search this also and copy all and paste on tags.

Add End Screen And Brand Logo

To grow your youtube channel you need to add an end screen and brand logo. The end screen helps to engage your audience. It is also a possibility viewers go to your channel home. Add end and brand logo you need to go youtube channel setting and go to your videos where you can set the end screen and there is an option end screen and click ok and then set it.

 Add Keyword To Your Channel

Grow your youtube channel you need to add a keyword to your youtube channel. You need to add a proper keyword for your channel for what category your channel has. Your channel is about technology then add a keyword like tips and tricks, how-to, online earning, video editing, etc.


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