Mind-Blowing Facts About Google

Mind-Blowing Facts About Google. Google LLC is an American multinational company that provides internet services around the world. But there are many facts you don't know about google.

Now Google is the first largest company in the world. Google's original name was BackRub. Google First office was a rented garage. 

Google launched more than one handprints of software such as youtube, google play store, google docs, google play music, google play movies, google calendar, etc.

Mind-Blowing Facts About Google 

Google's first office was a rented garage. It is located in MANLO PARK. This garage was started by Sergey Brin and Larry Page who was a graduate student of Standford.
Google's original name was BackRub. When surgery bring and larry page working on search name and had given it the name BackRub.

Google earns the highest revenue is $ 169.74 billion dollars per year.

Sergey Brin and Larry Page registered his domain name as "Googol" a mathematical term represented by a numerical one followed by 100 zeros.

Google first launched only 10 languages in google search engines like French, German, Italian, Swedish, Finnish, Spanish, Portuguese, Dutch, Norwegian, and Danish.

When google company launched a share 19,605,052 shares of stock for $85 per share now the value of one share is $ 27 billion.

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