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Top 10 best apps for blogger makes blog easy and fun

If you are a blogger then here are 10 Best Apps For Blogger Making Blogging Easier And Fun. These apps help you to check grammar, Analytics traffic

If you are a blogger then here are the 10 Best Apps For Blogger  Making Blogging Easier And Fun. These apps help you to check grammar, Analytics traffic, easy to write a blog and so more.

This apps gives you a free experience on android just like the desktop. If you want to write a blog on an android phone or iPhone then this blog is for you.

In 2016 blogging is increased day by day. People make this full-time job and earn more than l lakh. But in some cases, people have no desktop or laptop to start blogging. But don't worry if you have an android phone and internet you easily start a blog.

You can easily connect the physical keyword and mouse to the mobile with the help of an OTG cable. You can check blog grammar with the Grammarly keyboard.


    Grammarly Keyboard(Check Grammer)

    It is a useful app for bloggers. It checks your blog grammar, count words, suggest unique words, length of words, and try to rank your blog post.

    You get android apps, chrome extension, and windows software. Grammarly shows an engaged audience and posts score. 

    If you use the Grammarly keyword in an android phone it gives maximum satisfaction just like the desktop.

    Google Analytics(Analytics Traffic)

    Google Analytics check your website traffic. It is the product of google. Google analytics shows a real-time audience on your website.

    Google Analytics lets you measure your advertising ROI as well as track your flash, video, and social media marketing.
    Here you can improve your content and product by analytics traffic and which topics or product people are engaged.

    WordPress(Customize Blog)

    We write more SEO friendly article in WordPress because there have SEO optimize plugins tools. WordPress provides free plugins that are helpful for you.

    You can fully customize your website by drag-drop. If you have design creativity then you make a professional website for yourself. 

    WordPress provides free android apps, websites, and windows software. You can customize the WordPress websites on your own mobile.

    Pexels(Free Copyright Image)

    Pixels provides a free stock image with copyright. It is more difficult to find the best image for a blog or with a copyrighted image.

    Not only pixels to download copyright image but there are Unsplash and pixabay provide copyright image.

    Or, Use copyright image search any image you want to. then go to the image side. And there are available tools options and click them. You can see usage right and click labels for reuse and modification. Now you can use all images. 

    Pinterest(Get Traffic)

    Pinterest is a content-sharing platform. If you are a blogger then you get more traffic from Pinterest. You get traffic from foreign countries.

    You need to make a business account in interest.  When you sharing your content as also need to add your blog title, description, blog link, and add an image.
    It is the best sharing platform than others like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn.


    Medium provides a free backlink for bloggers. It is a highly certified domain. If your blog has no organic traffic then try it now.
    Medium helps you to promote your article. There is no need to pay it is a totally free site.

    The sign-up process is quite simple and easy. Just login to your Gmail account in medium and write your article you want to promote. 

    It provides an official website and android apps. Most of the bloggers this website to create backlinks.

    Quora(Backlink and content)

    Quora helps you to find good topics for blogging. It is also useful for creating a backlink. Quora is a place to gain and share knowledge. Quora is a useful and powerful app for everyone. Personally, I used these apps to grow traffic on my blog and get other information.

    You get any information about any topics. You get short and sweet information according to millions of people. You also provide information whatever you want.

    There are provide unique ideas and information you never get any platform. You can use Quora in any of the countries and Quora is available in the English language. 

    Pixellab-Text on the picture(Thumbnail Making for Blog)

    Pixellab helps you to make thumbnails for blogs. It is used to make a Facebook cover, logo, Instagram square image, Facebook banner, youtube banner, youtube logo, profile picture, google plus cover photo, Twitter header size and make a custom size. Here you can easily save your document in a gallery. There are provide other facilities like draw, shapes, bezier, arrow, stickers, stroke, background image, background color, texture, mask, font, style, shadow, emboss, 3D text, reflection.

    Canva(Thumbnail Making for Blog)

    Canva is the free design software that makes your design the next level. Canva makes design and video editing amazingly simple ( and fun).

    A versatile graphics design app: Instagram story maker, video maker, logo maker, thumbnail maker, poster maker, book creator & mood board creator- the canvas is the ultimate editing app.

    Edit your design with a blank page or use 60,000 free templates. No need for a tutorial or to hand draw design. 

    Google Ads(Earning)

    Google ads useful apps for bloggers. It is the source of earning through ads. You can add your ads to your website.
    Google ads measure your earning. If you have any blog or website you can promote your website through ads.
    Here you can add search ads, display ads, shopping ads, video ads, and smart ads.

    YouTube(Get Idea)

    If you are a blogger then you need to find content and idea 💡 for the write blog posts.

    If you write a blog in any niche and write blog One and two thousand words then youtube helps you.

    If you write a blog in English or any language then you find subtitles in youtube videos. Just you need to find English subtitles videos and visit browser and search subtitles generator and paste videos URL. Now your subtitles are generated.

    You need to find unique words in subtitles for that visit any browser and search unique words finder.
    Another benefit of youtube is that you can search you want to write a blog on youtube. Write a blog according to understand through videos.

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