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Top 10 blogging mistake every beginning bloggers make

If you are a beginner in blogging then here I covered 10 blogging mistakes every beginning bloggers make.

If you are a beginner in blogging then here I covered 10 blogging mistakes every beginning bloggers make. And I also provide some important tips that help you to rich in blogging. Before we begin I considered that this blog is for only beginning bloggers so if you have a good idea of blogging then this blog isn't for you.

Top 10 blogging mistake every beginning bloggers make


     Write like a talk

    If you are a blogger then also need to write users friendly. It is not only understood by you also needs to understand by the public. Read more≫

    Check your article with Grammarly is your article engaging or not. There are also important things you need to understand is that write blog perfect niche.

    Most beginner bloggers make mistakes in that they write blogs on any topic without finding their niche. So it is difficult to get ads sense approval.

    Write Blog in Your Niche

    Not only need an SEO(Search Engine Optimization) friendly article also needs to understand your niche.  Some of the bloggers mismatch their topics and them unable to write more articles.

    If you write a blog in a good niche then you write article users friendly. I write article related technology. if I start to write an article in health then it is difficult for me.

     Use the professional theme

    If you use a professional theme it helps to get ads sense approval fast. Your blog theme needs to be SEO and mobile and desktop friendly.

    Many sites provide ready for SEO themes for your blog such as sora template, CSS author, colorlib, fresh design web, theme forest, gooyaabitempelates, saratemplates, Templatefy, Bloggertheme9,, TemplateMark  etc.

    Use SEO friendly theme to increase your blog speed and also chance to rank your site. You need to remove java/script, add menu bar, labels, profile, popular post, privacy policy, terms, and conditions

    Add Share Button

    If your blogger theme social media icon or button is not available then it reduces your traffic. If some of the readers like your article then they want to be share and sharing options are not available it is difficult for you.

    You can custom add a share button on your blogging theme. Just follow this step.

    Step 1: Search in your browser
    Step 2: Fill up the sign-up process
    Step 3: Choose the sharing button
    Step 4: Copy and paste HTML code below the head in your blog

    Don't copy and paste others blog article

    Some of the bloggers did this mistake. They copy another site article to get ads to sense approval. But this is a big mistake for you if you think to google promote those article which hasn't original content.

    If you don't have any idea about content then watch youtube videos and write articles. Another method is that if you will copy youtube subtitles and then paste them into your blog it is totally free. 

    It is more dangerous if you copied a top-level domain article. Your passion blogger than wait for six months after you get ads to sense approval. 

    Proper keyword research

    It is the biggest mistake of bloggers they don't properly research keywords. If you want to rank your site then here we have discussed keyword research tools for SEO. A keyword is an essential tool for any website. If you are a blogger then you need to know the searchable keyword that ranks your site. 

    There are many websites that provide a free keyword research tool for SEO (Search Engine Optimization). You can also check the SEO Score, Content ideas, Backlinks, Site Audit, Traffic on your website, and so more.

    When I am a beginner in a blog my blog has no organic ranking. Time by time I used keyword research tools for SEO then my site rank on the first page.

    Create a backlink  

    The backlink is used to rank your site as the first position.  You also rank your site by writing high-quality articles and maintain SEO and site speed. But backlink is the external source to rank your site.

    Backlink means you make a link to your site other popular sites like Quora, medium, and other trusted sites.

    If you create more backlinks then 50 % chance to rank your site. 

    Share blog in social media

    Beginners' bloggers make this mistake is that they don't share their content on social media. Social media is a powerful way to get traffic. There are many social media platforms you can share your post such as Facebook, Linkedin, Pinterest, Twitter, YouTube, etc.

    If you are YouTubers then make articles and YouTube videos and also said your subscribers visit your blog.

    You can also make a Facebook page and share your content. There are so many users that are active anytime it is helpful for you to get more traffic.

    Pinterest is a content-sharing platform. If you are a blogger then you get more traffic from Pinterest. You get traffic from foreign countries.

    Twitter is also right for bloggers. You get so much traffic from Twitter. You need to add a Twitter card in HTML code and share your ideas or article on Twitter.

    Improve site speed

    It is a piece of important information for every blogger. Google ranks those site which loads fast. If you write SEO(search engine optimization) and your site hasn't required speed google doesn't promote your article. It also depends upon your template.

    a) Remove Unused JavaScript

    b) Use the theme provided by google.

    c) Use a low-quality image for your blog. Use low-quality images visit

    d) Don't upload videos on your article.

    e) Remove unused layout.

    f) Don't add others' HLML code in HTML editors.

    g) Don't add a share button, a recent button, and an animation button on your blog.

    h) Write a quality article on your blog.

    Properly manage all important settings

    If you want to rank your blog then you need to understand important settings in blogs. These settings affect your SEO and ranking.

    Importance setting for blog

    a) Meta tag
    b) Description
    c) Custom robot.TCT
    d) Favicon
    e) Sitemap

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