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Laptop vs Desktop | Which is better ? | What should you buy? | Guide with examples |

If you want to buy a laptop or desktop which is better? what should you buy? Guide with the full comparison.

If you want to buy a laptop or destop which is better? what should you buy? Guide with the full comparison. which one is buying If you need a full processor or heavy use software.


Now 10 GB up to 50 GB software are developed if we run this software on the computer we need to best processor computer.

Now many gaming laptops have been developed day by day but Destop gives you more experience and convenience when playing ▶ heavy games.

So, most of the gamers use destop to play games. But gaming laptop has been made for especially gamers so it has also given you better performance.


If we talk about cost then obviously destop is cheaper than a laptop. If we buy a laptop it is the cost is more than one lakh but if we choose destop it can be bought up to  40 thousand.


If we are comfortable and convenient then obviously a laptop is more convenient than destop. You easily take this anywhere. Destop is too heavy so it is difficult to set the place.


If we are discussed about the processor then destop gives you better performance than a laptop. Destop has better cooling power than a laptop.

Use heavy Software

If you want to use heavy software on a laptop or destop then destop is best for you it normally works but if you buy a laptop like  Mac book pro it gives you better performance than destop.

Repairing System

If you want to repair or change ram, disk on your destop you easily change this. But if a laptop is a damage is so difficult to repair and charge high than destop. If any parts of the laptop of laptops are damaged then you need to hire a specialist in electronics.


If we discussed selling of laptop or destop then the laptop sells more than destop. Millions of laptops sell per year. A laptop is used more in the business sector because it is easy to take anywhere. And also used in the banking sector, school, at home, etc.

Use Home

If you want to use a laptop or destop at home then destop is perfect for you. Destop more friendly than laptops because all of you know that it is easy to use at home.

Commercial Use

If you use laptop or destop for commercial use. Then laptop or destop both are best for you. It is your choice what did you buy?.

Screen Size

If we see that we can easily replace screen size of the destop but we never change the screen size on the laptop. So, most of the gamers use destop for a better experience in gaming.

For Movie Editing

Most of the film industry use destop to edit movie because it can use editing with multiple screens. The film industry never use a laptop to edit videos.
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