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Top 10 Secret Android Tips Every Smartphone User Most Know in 2020

Here we are talking secret android tips every smartphone user must know. There are android secret tricks and codes you must know.
Here we are talking secret android tips every smartphone user must know. There are android secret tricks and codes you must know.  2.5 billion are android users in the world. Every user wants to use an android device without any problem.

There is day by day to increase android users. But there are secret android tips most of the android users don't know.

These secret android tips help you to work your project quick and easy way. If already you know some of the tricks then comment in the below. 


#1Developer Options😇

Developer options are essential tricks you want to know. It is useful when you connect USB on the computer, Increase the speed of the phone, OEM unlock, Check running apps, Change animation speed, Remove all activities, etc.

Useful Tricks in Developer Options

  • USB debugging
  • Window animation scale
  • Animation Duration Scale
  • Transition animation scale
  • Show CPU process
  • Unlock OEM
  • Show Touch
  • Don't keep activities
  • Background process limit

How to find Developer Options

Step 1: Go to setting and Click about the phone
Step2: Click 7 times build number
Step 3: Now go back setting and find a developer options

#2Secrets codes on android phone😎

*#06#- Get IMEI number

*#*#4636#*#*- Learn about mobile 📱 battery, wifi signal, etc.

*#*#8255#*#*- To active G talk service

*#*#3264#*#*- Ram 🐏 version

*2767*3855#- All Data Delete

*#*#273283*255*663282*#*#- Mobile Backup

*#*#2664#*#*- Touch Screen Test

*#*#0#*#*- LCD Test

*#*#7780#*#*- Factory Data Reset

*#7353#- Quick Menu

*#61#- Check Call Forwarding

*#9900#- Fix insufficient storage

*#30#- Number Identification( works on iPhone)

*33*#- No outgoing calls

*3370#- Better Communication( works on iPhone)

*#*#8351#*#*- Listen To Yourself

*#5005*7672#- Service Center Number

*#*#7594#*#*- Quick power off the phone

*43#- Call Waiting

*#0011#- Quick access menu

#31#- Hide your number in outgoing calls

*3001#12345#*- Signal 📶 information

*#21#- Straight to voicemail

*#1111#- Check FTA SW versions of your mobile

*#2222#- Check FTA HW version of your mobile

*#1234#- Check the flash files firmware version

*#12580*369#- Check manufacturing date of your set

*#7353#- Check mobile touch, sensors, speakers, ringer, camera and more

*#9090#- Check diagnostic control

*#7412365*- Check camera firmware information

*#34971539#- More advanced options to check the firmware version of rear and front camera

*#0808#- USB setting code

*#22558463#- Reset total call time code from the call logs

Use this code on the phone dialer and type this code in an android dialer phone you get hidden features. This trick works on any android phone. It is the type of code and hidden setting. You never see this setting in default mode and you can easily change this setting for better performance, and so more.

#3Hidden Games in Your Android Phone😘

Most of the android users have no idea their phone has a hidden game. But don't worry we are discussed one by one.

Dragon 🐲 Game on chrome

It is a popular game on an android phone. You get these games on chrome. When you are offline you can play this game. 
If you tap dragon on the offline then this game start. It is never end games if you play this game increase the speed of the dragon.

Mobile versions games

If you want to play ▶ the game by click android versions. Here you are play games fully offline. Just go to the mobile setting and click on the phone. And click on android versions. Now tap and double click on versions icon

Google Play Games

Google play games provide offline games for free. There are a lot of games you play without the internet. There are more enjoy full games that fresh your minds. You need to first turn off your internet then play these games.

#4Solve Android device hanging problem😡

Step 1: First go to mobile setting and go-to apps and disabled unwanted apps

Step 2: Click storage on setting and clear catch data and miscellaneous data

Step 3: Go to play store and off auto-update and download apps

Step 4: Don't use any antivirus apps because it runs more background than other apps

Step 5: Go to developer options on Don't Keep Activities and  make background process limit as No background process

Step 6: Remove auto-sync data on Gmail accounts

#5How do I connect to the Internet using a USB cable🚠?

Step 1: Connect USB on CPU and Mobile and Internet connectivity on mobile

Step 2: Go to mobile setting  and click connection and tap on mobile hosting and tethering

Step 3: Turn on USB tethering

Step 4: Go notification on the computer to confirm and click yes.

#6: How can I control my phone with my eyes👀?

Step1: Go to play store search EVA facial mouse and download 
Step2: Allow all permission and Click next and after done control mobile with eye

#7: Free calls using internet

Use free with the internet go to chrome and search And there are more options like the message, video chat, calls. There is no need for an invitation code you directly call users. Click on calls and dial numbers you want to call and then wait for some seconds. 

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