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Top 10 Free Thumbnail Making Software For YouTube | Full Details|

If you want to make a thumbnail for YouTube and any additional design. Then read this article here I explain the top 10 free thumbnail making software

If you want to make a thumbnail for YouTube and any additional design. Then read this article here I explain the top 10 free thumbnail making software for YouTube with Full Details.

Most of the YouTubers use this software for making youtube thumbnail. Pick the best size and shape. No require design skills just already provides free template, stickers, beautiful text, & add a custom image, etc.

This software you can use for other purposes like Logo design, banner design, profile picture, google plus, cover photo, Twitter header size, etc.


    #1: Canva

    Canva is the free design software that makes your design the next level. Canva makes design and video editing amazingly simple ( and fun).

    A versatile graphics design app: Instagram story maker, video maker, logo maker, thumbnail maker, poster maker, book 📙 creator & mood board creator- the canvas is the ultimate editing app.

    Edit your design with a blank page or use 60,000 free templates. No need for a tutorial or to hand draw design. 

    Special Features

    • Edit & add text to photos
    • use the perfect image
    • edit picture like a pro
    • Show it off to the world 
    • Create a design quickly 

    #2: Pixellab

    Pixellab is used for making profile pictures, YouTube channel banner, YouTube thumbnail, Facebook cover art, Google plus ➕ cover photo, Twitter header size, etc.

    Pixellab facilitates to add text, stickers, shapes, image & draw. Make your imager & text as 3D, 3D shadow, 3D reflection, 3D rotate, etc.

    With a simple and clean interface that lets you focus on whatever you're doing, a wide selection of presets, fonts, stickers, backgrounds, more than 60 unique options that you can customize and of course your imagination, you'll be able to create stunning graphics and amaze your friends straight from your phone or tablet.

    Special Features

    • Text
    • Stroke
    • Shapes & Stickers
    • Custom image size
    • Recover autosave
    • Font style, background
    • Change font size
    • Emboss, inner shadow, perspective, etc
    • Limited templates

    #3: Thumbnail Maker for YouTube Videos

    This software is specially designed for making YouTube thumbnail. It is so easy to design thumbnail, add text, image, stickers, etc. 

    You need to pay for this but it is simple and makes professional design without any designing skills. 

    Most of the YouTubers use pixel lab for making thumbnail for youtube. But you make thumbnail using this application. 

    Special Features

    • Custom elements for thumbnail maker
    • Popular stickers & stylish fonts
    • Different templates for photo collage
    • Auto cutout & remove the background
    • Amazing templates to make thumbnails
    • Create photo montages like a pro

    #4: Pics Art

    Picsart is not only thumbnail maker software but it helps to edit your image like a pro. It provides all tools you require to edit images and it provides 3000 + tools.

    It provides 3000 + tools, edits with brushes, creates a college, Tries new filters, promotes your posts, Snap pics, etc.

    Try here pics art features for more features but get more features without gold features. Most of the photo editors like this application to create beautiful designs. I haven't had a PC 💻 try this software edit image like edit image with photoshop.

    Special Features 

    • All-In-One-Editor 3000 + tools
    • Quickly fix photos
    • Edit with Brushes
    • Create a College
    • Try new filters
    • Promote your posts
    • Snap Pics

    #5: Ultimate thumbnail maker for youtube

    This software easy for making thumbnail. It provides multiple functions to create a thumbnail, multiple elements help your creatives easy in a short time, multiple stickers, a select a platform for the canvas size, etc.

    it is helpful for those YouTubers or others who are first time designing. Nothing to do there just select templates or background image and add text, stickers, filters, and so more

    Special Features

    • Create irresistible channel art5/ thumbnail
    • Multiple functions to create thumbnail
    • Multiple elements help your creatives easy in a short time
    • Multiple stickers help your creatives easy in a short time
    • Then select the platform for the canvas size

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