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Top 10 Best Apps For Student 2019| Best apps for teachers and students| | Full details|

If you are search best apps for student in 2019 then you are right Place. This apps is useful for students and teachers for any purpose.

If you are searching for the best apps for students in 2019 then you are right Place. This apps is useful for students and teachers for any purpose.


I combine the most informative apps on my blog list. Personally, When I am a student I used this application not only for education to get others information.

This apps increase your performance and all apps available on play store for any operating device. Some of the apps provide their official website like Quora, youtube, google translate, Wikipedia, BBC news, etc.

In this application, you learn about English, Get the latest information on any topics, solve the mathematical question, relax your mind, learn with video, etc. I cover in this article the best used and useful apps for students.


    Quora is a place to gain and share knowledge, Quora is a useful and powerful app for everyone. Personally, I used these apps to grow traffic on my blog and get other information. 

    You get any information about any topics. You get short and sweet information according to millions of people. You also provide information whatever you want.

    There are provide unique ideas and information you never get any platform. You can use Quora in any of the countries and Quora is available in the English language. 


    Evernote is useful for taking notes. It is useful for students or teachers to take important notes simply. 
    Evernote is available in dark mode and it is simple to use. Evernote helps you focus on what matters most and have access to your information when you need it.
    It is better apps than other note apps. It is developed by Evernote Corporation. Create notebooks, organizers, planners.


    Youtube is the best platform for learners. You don't need to learn at the institute. Here you have learned everything what did you want. Now professional people learn any course for free. 
    If you have any talent then you can earn money through youtube. You can earn money on youtube through ads sense. 
    If you are a student then youtube is best for you. There are many online teachers are available for the free course any subject on YouTube. 
    If you want to learn others then youtube is best for you. You don't need to spend so much money. You just make videos with a smartphone.

    Google Translate

    Google translate is best to convert any language. If you are read 📖 on the internet and then confuse for any word or paragraph. Then select all word and copy them then paste on google translate.

    Google translate is best for all online readers. It is the product of Google so it is best for you.

    You can also use the camera, handwriting & conversation to translate any language. You can enable tap to translate for use this translates any web.


    Cambly is best for those people who want to learn the English language with foreigners. It is free and you don't need to pay to learn the English language.
    Personally, I used these apps to improve the English language. you can talk with men or women. 
    This is the best way to learn the English language. It is helpful for students or who want to learn the English language.
    You get more confidence to talk with others in the English language. 

    To-Do List

    To-Do List is best to make a schedule. It is a smart 🧠 task list for everyday use. When I am a student I used this application to make a schedule. 
    It is user-friendly task management, grouping tasks in handy task lists, smart home screen widgets, syncing with Google, etc.
    You can add tasks with voice and add widgets on the home screen. It is useful for everyone.


    Specially photomath is useful for the student who is weak in math. It solves any factorize question just click one photo.
    It features is that choose between multiple methods, solve math problems in a snap, get step by step explanations, try smart calculator, etc.
    You can type math questions by manually and click the image of mathematical questions.


    Wikipedia is a powerful app to provide information. It has all-over information. There are free to edit the article for the public. It is like a public software.

    It is useful for students, teachers, businessmen, and anyone. Wikipedia article writes the general public just like you and me. 

    You can visit Wikipedia official website or get apps on play store.

    If you like to read 📖 the article then Wikipedia is best for you. There has each and every article whatever you want. There are update article minutes by minutes.

    Study Music Memory Booster ( Focus & Learn)

    Study music memory booster is best for students. Personally, I used this app when I am feeling tired. It relaxes our mind with nature sounds.

    You get +100 💯 of free music for study, focus, intelligent, genius, smart, etc.

    The features of study music are to add nature's sound, Get offline songs, online streaming for different music 🎶 options.

    BBC News

    It is the worldwide popular latest news application. There is the latest news from the BBC and a global network of journalists. 

    It is useful for students and gets all categories of information.

    The features are that create your own personalized news pages with my news, read the news, analysis, and features, get breaking news alerts, etc.

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