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How to optimize blog posts for SEO in 2021

If you are bloggers than you need to understand how to optimize blog posts for SEO(Search Engine Optimization).

If you are a blogger, then you need to understand how to optimize blog posts for SEO(Search Engine Optimization).
Every beginner's bloggers are understanding SEO is very difficult

But don't worry if you earn money through SEO articles then read this article carefully.
But I also remove that myth you have told in every article or video.

If you are a blogger, then you need to focus on the content, not on SEO.
 If you trust me, then read 📖 this article and comment on the below.


What is SEO( Search Engine Optimization)?

SEO stands for search engine optimization. It helps to rank. Your article in the google search engine. SEO means not only find.

The best keyword but also write quality articles. SEO is not only. The best article that also needs your website speed, template, spam, etc.

Most beginner bloggers made this mistake. They more focus on SEO and write low-quality articles. Google needs.
Only a knowledgeable or heavy article. Google wants to know what topics. For your article. There is no requirement to add too much keyword to the article.

When I am a beginner I more focus on SEO, not on content. And this is my big mistake. Google always wants a quality article.

Try to write large words article about two thousand words article and explain points ways points.

SEO ranks your site or not?

There is no need for any SEO to rank your site. It depends upon your content and backlink.
If you create more backlinks from a trusted website then a 50 % chance to rank your site.
we discussed more backlink and SEO  but the content win in this situation.

If you write content in your niche, then it helps to rank your article. Peoples clearly understand and you could able to understand when you write an article in your niche.
There is a possibility to rank your article  if you write long articles than google promote
your article.

If you are YouTubers also, then you can add your  YouTube videos to the article and also say your YouTube viewers to visit your blog.


On-Page SEO means creating a backlink in your articleYou can add your other post URL in your article. Use H1/H2/H3 in your article. Write a meta description that describes your article. 

Properly add permalink means add permalink on your keywordUse your main keyword in the article and repeat the keyword once-twice a time.

Write a brief paragraph and use H3. Underline and bold your main keyword. Choose short and searchable keyword and click here to  find a free keyword research tool: Click Here

Off-Page SEO

Off-Page SEO means only create a backlink on a trusted websiteCreate a backlink from a less spam score site. A backlink means a 50 % chance to rank your article.

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