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Photoshop 2021 New Features

If you are an adobe user then you know adobe release their new versions of photoshop cc 2021. I used photoshop for 3 years.

 If you are an adobe user then you know adobe release their recent versions of photoshop cc 2021. I used photoshop for 3 years. 

There are many useful features are come in photoshop 2021 and I mostly recommended you if you are interested in learning photoshop then you can try an old version of photoshop because the old version of photoshop has users friendly.

Photoshop 2021 New Features

Photoshop 2021 new 21 Features

    1. Sky Replacement
    2. Skin smoothing-Neural Filter
    3. Smart portrait-Neural filter
    4. Colorize-Neural filter
    5. Pattern Preview
    6. Quick Actions
    7. Live Shapes Enhancements
    8. Discovery Panel
    9. Preset Search
    10. Version History
    11. Select Subject Improvements In Select and Mask Workspace
    12. Select And Mask Presets
    13. Refine Hair
    14. Content-Aware Tracing Tool
    15. Easy Plugins
    16. Depth-Aware Haze - Neural Filter
    17. Make-up Transfer - Neural Filter
    18. Use Cloud Documents Offline
    19. Reset Smart Objects
    20. Fast Access To Content-aware Fill
    21. Brush Tool Search

    1) Sky Replacement

    Sky replacement is an outstanding feature in photoshop 2021. if you are interested to change the sky in your photo then it is very helpful for you.

    • Go to edit panel and click sky replacement
    • Then you get many outstanding clouds

    Advantage of these coolest features

    • You can manually control all layers
    • you can manually adjust brightness, edges, color, scale, and temperature.
    • The coolest feature is that you can match your subject to the clouds.

    2) Skin Smoothing-Neural Filter

    • Go to filter
    • Click Neural Filter
    • Turn on skin smoothness
    • Adjust blur and smoothness and tab ok

    3) Smart portrait

    The smart portrait is the coolest feature in photoshop 2021. There is a change in your facial expression using a smart portrait.

    coolest features like change face as a happy, angry, surprise, facial age, hair thickness, head direction, light direction and so more. Please I told you to try it by download photoshop 2021.

    • Go to filter
    • Click Neural filter
    • Click beta filter
    • And turn on smart portrait

    4) Colorize

    Colorize features helps to colorize your black-and-white image with just one tab. You can also choose the color of any object. It is also a beta filter.

    You can adjust the color from cyan to red, blue to yellow, magenta to green, focus color to scene color.

    • Go to filter
    • Click neural filter
    • Click beta filter
    • And turn on colorize

    5) Pattern Preview

    Pattern preview is the outstanding feature added in 2021. you can make a lot of patterns with a single draw.

    • Go to view
    • Click pattern preview and hit ok
    • And now paint with the brush tool and see the result

    6) Quick Actions

    Adobe provides useful features in quick action. It is useful if you have no time to remove the background, blur the background, make a black and white image, and enhance the image.

    • Click help top of the menu
    • Tab on photoshop help
    • Then see four options: remove background, blur background, make b/w image and enhance the image

    7)  Live Shapes Enhancement

    In the previous version of photoshop, we have some limitations in shapes. 

    just like we can't adjust the corner of any shapes like illustrator. 
    But now photoshop added these features in 2021.

    8) Discovery panels

    Discovery panels are just a search for all tools and features in photoshop. It is useful if you can't find any tools or features.

    • Go to help
    • And click photoshop to help 
    • And search tools or features you want too

    9) Present search

    It basically helps you to easily add any tools in windows.

    10) Version history

    It is useful to find any changes in any images. if you want to access those images you change in before then you need to save images on photoshop cloud.

    Go to save as that image you want to save and click on save on photoshop cloud. You need to press: CTRL + S.
    And turn on version history through windows. Now you can access all layers of images you can change before.

    11) Select subject improvement in mask and workspace

    If you use the previous version of photoshop then you get the select subject option. It is very useful if you have no time to select a subject.

    But photoshop changes or improves this option. Now you can properly change any subject.

    • Click select and subject
    • And click the select subject
    • And change the background to white
    • And change the opacity to 100%

    12) Select and Mask presents

    Select and mask presents basically you to save mask image to your file and you can easily get this file.

    • Click select and subject 
    • Select subject
    • And click on presets 
    • And save the image
    • You can easily find this image by click on presets

    13) Refine hair

    Now adobe helps all of you by adding these features. Adobe added refine hair tools in select and mask options. If you are a photoshop user then you refine edge options in your image.
    Refine hair is the alternative to refine the edge. 

    • Click select and mask
    • Tab on select subject
    • And click on refine hair

    14) Content-aware tracing tool

    You can get a content-aware tracing tool in the pen tool. The content-aware tool basically automatically creates a path. Just adjust the details to get this option top of the menu.

    15) Easy Plugins- Plugins menu bar

    Now adobe offers a lot of plugins. And just download plugins you want to be needed.
    Plugins basically help you to do your work faster and easier.

    16) Depth aware haze- Neural filter

    Depth-aware haze basically adds a cloudy background to your image.
    • Click filter
    • And click the neural filter
    • Go to beta filter
    • And turn on depth aware haze
    • And play with haze and warmth

    17)  Make-up transfer-Neural filter

    Make-up transfer tools just transfer another make-up image to your image. 
    • Click filter
    • And click the neural filter
    • Go to beta filter
    • And turn on the make-up transfer
    • And select image you want to be transfer make-up

    18) Use cloud documents offline

    Cloud documents help to save your image or recent work on cloud documents permanently.
    • Go to home or recent work
    • Click on image three dots show
    • And click on make available offline always

    19) Reset smart objects

    If you transform your images before creating a smart object then you have to reset the transform.
    Then you have to do right-click on that image and click reset smart object

    20) Fast access to content-aware fill

    Now adobe changes content-aware. Just you have to select the image and right-click on the image and click the content-aware tool.

    21) Brush tool search

    There is a simple way to search for any brush. Just you have to do click on the brush top of the menu and search for any brush.

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