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How to start blogging and earn money by adding ads sense account

How to start blogging and start earn money by adding ads sense account, How to download tempelate in blogging, how to write article in blogging
How to start blogging and start earn money  by adding ads sense account

Now blogging is an excellent platform for bloggers. It is free to understand. Now, many YouTubers manage their blogging account and YouTube account. They earn money on both sides.
Now I blog 1 year ago and I learn a lot of things from blogging. If you want to visit my YouTube account: click here.

#1: How To Create a Blogging Account

Step 1: Open Browser and search
Step 2: Then click the official blogger's website and click create a new blog account
Step 3 First, sign up with a Gmail account and open a blog window
Step 4Now click on create a post and add the address you like, remember you fill address too short.

I know many beginner bloggers confuse but you need to understand you can only write a good article.
Google supports that who writes article own way. If copy article others site, then you never get ads sense account.

How to earn money by placing ads in bloggers

If you are a beginner in blogging, then the adds a sense account comes up to 6 months. If you buy a domain name, then your blog receives ads sense account fast. 

To rank your article when you buy a domain name from any domain provider.
you need to create an account in ads sense: click here
You need to be patient and write a good article.

How to download a template for a blogging

You can get a beautiful template for your blog free or premium. There are many sites you can download premium templates.

Blogger theme 9

You can get a zip file template. You need to extract this file and you see an XML file. Then restore this file in blogging.

How to write an article in blogging

There is no difficulty to write articles in blogging. Just you need to write an article in your way. 

Do not copy and paste others' site article. You need to write up to a thousand words article. 
If you download the Grammarly extension from the chrome web store. 
It is quite easy for you because Grammarly checks your grammar, and it helps to rank your site.

How to manage layout in blogging

Manage your blogging setting and layout then it is simple and easy. 
Manage blogging setting and layout is quite easy. You already have a decorated layout just edit whatever you need. There are many important settings you need to do on your blogging.

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