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How To Create Google My Business

If you think to start an online business, then you need to create a business account on google. It is the direction of your business.

If you think to start an online business, then you need to create a business account on google. 

It is the direction of your business or customers easily find all info about your business.

Is your business running too slow then this article for you? 
Google my business makes your business fast.

google my business
Google My Business

    1)What is Google My Business?

    Google My Business

    Google My Business is only the name of the software or website. Google My Business makes your business a brand.

    Any time you are searching on google for any tops hotel you can see this pop-up menu.

    Basically, this is the direction, contact, or brand information that helps to engage your customers. It is marketing strategies as well.

    3) When was Google My Business Established?

    First, Google My Business is freely available to the public. They establish it in June 2014. The major aim of Google My Business is to increase local businesses.

    It helps as a make brand by a local business. It is accessible to all individuals and local businesses. 
    If you search on google for any business brands, then they show on Google.

    4) Objectives Of Google My Business?

    The primary aim of Google My Business is to Promote local and national businesses to make as international business.

     Google My Business is easier to use, and it is user-friendly to understand.

    5) Step of Creating Google My Business?


    There are simple few steps you need to follow with me. Before we jump on the steps, you need to have one Gmail account.

    First Go to Google My Business

    Search Google my

    Go to Business Profile. If you also want to make a business website, then you can easily make it free with Google. Google Business Website engage more customers and you can make your business portfolio.

    Click on the Business profile


    Fill in your business name, Choose a category, Add location.
    Please read this point carefully if you add a location in Google My Business.

     You have one option in there is that you can fill your postal code carefully.  Just fill postal code as your near.


    Just Click on verify later


    Add your business services, Open hours, Description

    google my business

    Now your business is ready to grow. Post your product, price, Create Ads on Google, and wait for 15 days to get a postcard.

    5) How to Make Business Website On Google My Business 

    A business website is important for all businesses. That why Google my business makes your business website for free.

    A business website is useful to share your product details or makes a portfolio.

    It is also the best way to share your business direction, product details, and so more.

    Step of Making Business Website

    Go To Main Dashboard of Google My Business

    Click on Website

    Provider Business Name 

    Choose Theme 

    And fill up all business details 


    6) How to add Ads  On Google My Business Account

    Google ads are very useful for any business. Now many buying and selling activities are done online. 

    So you need to make it smart. Basically, google show your site on every top of the web page by placing ads.

    You can get the ads to option on Google My Business Dashboard.

    If you think google charge so many amounts as it is a big mistake for you. Google only charges 5 dollars per day.

    7) How to Engage Customers on Google My Business?

    It is the last and main point of this article. If you don't show you.

    article professional on google noon customers visit your site.
    Your site needs to be professional as looking as my website. 

    Make your site a brand. Choose a logo and color for your business.

    Take a discussion for any branding companies. 
    And make a site on social media platforms like Facebook, Linkedin, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, Pinterest, Reddit, Etc.

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