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How to become graphics designers and earn money online by sell design

Illustrator is the advanced software used many big companies. It is used for graphics designing, logo making, vector making, icon making, etc.

 Illustrator is the advanced software used by many big companies. It is used for graphics designing, logo making, vector making, icon making, etc.  I know you are already known Illustrator about how to use it. 

But there are many advanced things you don't know about illustrator. Illustrator is developed by Adobe. With the help of an illustrator, you can design beautiful shapes. I have used illustrator since 2019 and it is so easy to use. If you have Photoshop knowledge then it is easy for you.

How to become graphics designers and earn money online by sell design

Purposes of used Illustrator

  1. Graphics Designing
  2. Vector Art
  3. Logo Design
  4. Icon Making

Graphics Design: Graphics designing is the art of creating something special with the help of image, gradient, color, shapes, text, etc. Element is like an image, shape, icon, gradient, tools, color, etc.

It is the big question everyone it is required for a creative mind for graphics designing. No absolute no, You can learn graphics designing with practice and you need to have theoretical knowledge about graphics designing.

What comes in graphics designing?

Graphics designing is not only poster design and banner making. There are occur a lot of things in graphics designing. Graphics designing is also a logo design, UI design, vector art, photo simulation, photo editing, etc.

How to become a graphics designer?

I am not a graphics designer but I am making beautiful vectors, posters, and logos for my need. So I have an idea of what to do in graphics designing. 

First, you need to have an idea to used tools in illustrator. Many such important tools help to make beautiful shapes and vectors. Please first perfect in pentool.

Pentool: pentool is used in creating shapes, removing the background, create stroke, and a lot of things. It is also used in photoshop, premiere pro, after effect. 

Ok, after practicing the pen tool you need to make vector arteries like a cup, men, bottle, etc. If you are a beginner in Illustrator then watch youtube videos. There are many useful channels for you.

Hindi Channel: Rajeev Metha, Design Academy, Graphics design Hindi me, GFXmentor.

English Channel: Charli Marli, yes I am a designer, Gigantic, The simple designers.

After watching many tutorials you have an idea of how to use tools in photoshop but there are many useful tools you have an idea for.

Useful tools in Illustrator

Pentool: pen tool is used in creating shapes, removing the background, create a stroke, and a lot of things. It is also used in photoshop, premiere pro, after effect. 

Shape builder tool: Shape builder tools help you to make beautiful shapes. It is a useful tool for graphic designers. The shortcut tool of shape builder tools is (Shift + M). Basically, you need to join many shapes each other and cut out shapes edge of a circle or any more.

Gradient tool: Gradient is most used in any design. It makes beautiful sense in design. Ok, how to used gradient tool in design. There is a lot of used gradient in shapes. Not only shapes you can use gradient in text, image, as background, etc. 

Most important things you need to understand in designing

There is one important point you need to understand while designing is Typography.

What is Typography?

Typography is the way of arranging text in designing. If your design is good but bad in typography then your design never looks good. So, you need to understand typography. But you don't need to purchase any typography course. You can learn typography at home. 

How to learn typography at home?

Ok, this is the main point in our article. how to learn typography at home. This is the digital age so many youtube creator makes complete video for typography. I never say always watch these videos but I told you for your reference to watch up to 2, 3 videos. Then as we know practice is king so start learning typography. 

Ok, there are other tools in illustrator but I covered the most important tools. You can easily learn other tools by daily designing.

Ok, we are discussed how to become a graphics designer but we don't discuss how to earn money through graphics designing.

How to earn money through graphics designing

Ok, I think you are complete in graphics designers then after what?. If you research online for how to earn money online Then you also know how to earn money through graphics designing. But I share with you some useful platform for graphics designers.

Useful Platform for graphics designers

Upwork: Upwork is the best platform for earn money online. If you have any experience in any field like graphics designing, logo making, web designing, app development, content writing, and so more. Then you earn a lot of money in one project. People pay a lot of money for one project

You have two options in Upwork is I want to work and I want to hire you can select I want to work. I know you know about Upwork more than me. But this is my responsibility to share all my ideas. You need to watch one video on youtube for Upwork beginning. 

Now Upwork is paid you need to have 6 connections. For 6 connections you need to pay Upwork.

FiverrIf you are a beginner then fiver is best for you. It is free to work. You need to choose one profession where you are best. So graphics designing is more demanding in Fiverr.

I know you are confused about which platform is best for you. So, I cleared all about If you have money to invest then choose Upwork, and if you haven't money to invest then choose fiver.

Sell Design Online: Here I recommended some websites where you can sell your vector art, logos, mockup, poster, etc. This website promotes your art by showing users. 

How to sell your design online

Creative Market: Creative market is the top website for sell your design.  I like the interface of the creative market, it is user friendly. You can custom add your design price in the creative market. 

Design Cuts: Design cuts are also online sold your design. Many artists sell their beautiful designs. 

Big Cartel: I know all of this website is made for sell design so visit this website and check yourself. 

Artist Shops:  Artist shops provide you the best platform for selling your design online. You can build your brand in artist shops and share your design worldwide.

Shutter Stock: Shutter stock is a popular website worldwide. There are millions of artist sells their arts with their own price range.

Make your own brand

This is important for every designer. If you want to make your own value in this world then design for you. There are many platforms where you get value in your design. There are many designers famous for their design.

Where to share design

Ok, let's talk about where to share design. I know you also have some idea about these topics but as a responsible, I share with you.

Dribble: Dribble is the home for graphics designers. There are worldwide designers share their design. And one tip for you please see the other's design in dribble to know what's going on trading. But you can't sell your design in dribble. 

Behance: Behance is also made for graphics designers. Many designers respect Behance as like dribble. you can also add your website, social media in Behance. 

Instagram: Instagram is a popular site worldwide. And so many creators earn millions of dollars from Instagram and they get popularity.  So, Instagram has more active users. So it is also useful for graphic designers.


 Logo design comes under graphics design. I know logo design is more difficult than you think. Logo design has more demand at that time. 

Tell me have you ever design a logo for your brand like youtube, Facebook, dribble, Behance, website. Comment below. Logo design has its process. But let's discussed types of logos.

How many types of logos

Emblems: It is the oldest form of logos. Emblems logos are closed under any shapes. It shows the tradition of the company. Just take the examples hove you seen the oldest logo of apple, Starbuck, Harly Devinson,  there are used Emblems. It is mostly used to show the names of the company.

WordMark: I told you the best example of WorldMark logos. WordMark logos used by Coca Cola, Paypal, Visa, Google, Sony, etc. This type of logo is used when your company name is short. And also used for famous your company name. If your company name is long then don't use WordMark.

Letter Mark: Let's take one example: Have you seen the logo of HBO(Home Box Office). It is used when your company name is too long. It is also the full form of your company name.

Brand Mark: Brandmark is combined with icon and WordMark. Just look at one example like Apple. They used icons and WordMark in their logo. More Examples: Nike, Starbuck, etc. BrandMark is not used when your company is newly established. 

Abstract Logo Mark: Abstract logo mark is used as a symbol. Have you seen the shapes of Nike, Addidas, Coca Cola, etc? Your abstract logo mark has provided feelings of people. The abstract logo mark isn't used when your company is started.

Mascot: Mascot is not a part of the logo but it is used for branding. Just take one example Mac Donald there is one character of a founded person in a logo. This type of logo is used when your company represents family, kids, etc.

The technique of Logo Design

You can earn money by logo design is very simple. If you ever design a logo for any brand then you can easily make any type of logo. Now logo design is the most demanding the worldwide. Many big companies pay a lot of money by making a simple logo. 
By starting logo making you need to understand the brand color of the company. And your logo provides feelings of the company. 

Choose up to 3 colors on the logo: The company uses only two or three colors of their brand logo. So you need to conscious while making a logo. You need to choose the brand color of the company. Many colors provide different feelings. Red colors provide feelings like dangers, Yellow colors feel hungry so many hotels use yellow colors, And blue and green colors provide feels of trust so many institutes use these colors. So, before design a logo, you need to choose the color of the company. And there are two types of colors: primary and secondary colors. 

Primary Colors: Under primary colors, Red, Yellow,  and Blue are included. Primary colors attract people rather than secondary colors Because primary colors are more cynical than secondary colors. Before you begin to make a logo you need to choose one primary color of the logo. All the companies choose at least one primary color for their brand.

Secondary Colors: Under secondary colors, Orange, Purple, and Green are included. It is made by mixing primary colors. Secondary colors play important roles while making a logo. You can use at least two secondary colors in a logo. Now secondary colors are used in making modern posters or designs.

First Design On Papers: Before you begin to design a logo in illustrator you need to design a logo on paper. You can try different types of logos then finally choose one design. You can also get ideas of logos from many websites like Harchful, Designhill, Canva, etc. 

Thank You

Hello to everyone. My name is Sandesh Tandan. was created by myself. It's my personal blog where I offer graphic design, Blogging, programming, and digital marketing advice.

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