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How to get unlimited blog traffics from Pinterest?

Pinterest is the best way to get unlimited traffic to your blog. Now in 2021, it is very difficult to rank articles.

How to get unlimited blog traffics from Pinterest?

 Pinterest is the best way to get unlimited traffic to your blog. Now in 2021, it is very difficult to rank articles.

 Rank your article you need to write SEO friendly article and create backlinks.

But you need to think as wider it means to share your blog or article on social media.

Not only Pinterest but there are other best social media that helps to reach your site.  

    1) Why do people use Pinterest?

    People use Pinterest for their personal use or professional use.

    Personal Use

    Most people use Pinterest for their entertainment purposes and follow trades. 

    There you can get creative arts to share over worldwide artists.
    If you are a designer, then you can get ideas from Pinterest by seeing others' work.

    Professional Use

    We use Pinterest to forget traffic on the website, affiliate, and grow your business by sharing your product.

    Most of the bloggers, affiliates get millions of traffics from Pinterest.

    I used Pinterest for one year and I get much more traffics for my blog. 

    Get millions of traffics for your blog you need to make your Pinterest bio strong and professional.

    2) When was Pinterest Launched?

    Pinterest launched on January 2010. 
    It is Created by Ben Silbermann. 
    And there are 1,600 Employers working on it.
     The main headquarters of Pinterest in San Francisco, California, U.S.


    3) What are the main Objectivities of Pinterest?

    It establishes Pinterest for sharing images, Animated GIFs, Videos, Pinboards. Now it is used to growing your business by sharing business ideas and get traffics from Pinterest.

    4) What are the steps to use Pinterest for traffic on the blog?

    a) Professional Bio

    A professional bio is a much more important topic. Fill up all the required information properly. And add a professional profile image.
    You need to share a simple and short bio on Pinterest. 


    Add website URL
    Add short username
    Add high quality photo
    Brief Description
    Add email


    b) How much post upload per day for getting unlimited traffics?

    I know it is not a fixed title, but it is working as effectively. You need to share 10 to 15 articles or images per day.

    But share beautiful thumbnail posters. It is unnecessary in this thumbnail your or not. 

    You can directly share your blog post on Pinterest. Just follow this simple step:

    Add the share button on the blog
    Click on Pinterest 
    Choose onboard
    You need to sign in to the Pinterest account on the internet, not through apps
    These tricks working only on PC 

    c) Share quality images

    Everyone says the first impression is the last impression this is right. You need to upload high-quality images. You can upload without copyright images.
    You can easily get copyright images from pixels, Pixabay, and Unsplash.
    You can also use vector images, it looks more attractive rather than raster images.
    You are also sharing other users' boards and images from Pinterest to Pinterest.  

    d) Follow Others Users

    If you have 0 users and starting Pinterest for the first time, you need to follow related users. 
    It helps to attract users to visit your profile.

    Note: You need to sign up with a business account

    5) Step of Creating Pinterest Account 


    Click on Sign up Option

    Click on Create Business account

    Fill up All details

    Now give the Business name and website URL

    Choose your blog category

    Describe Your blog I choose blogger

    Add a cover photo and profile photo

    Choose a Short and sweet username

    Claim your website by go to settings options 

    6) Others social media to get blog traffics


    7) Extra Tips  

    Directly share your article on social media

    If you want to save your time for sharing your article on social media. Add social media sharing button from the
    Then after you can directly share your post by Click on the share button.

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