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How to Download and Install Jago MagBlogger Templates for free in 2021?


Jago Mag Blogger Templates

Features of JagoMag Blogger Template

Tech Template: JagoMag is mainly made for technology blogs. The jagoMag facilities featured an image, show categories post, latest post, beautiful footer credits. 

Ads Ready: This is the ads ready template where you can set ads in different places. You can add ads on the sidebar, between post, footer-menu.

SEO friendly: JagoMag is SEO friendly. The web speed of this template is 60 up to mobile devices and 90 up to desktop devices.

Featured Post: JagoMag provides featured posts on the free and paid versions. You can show up to three featured posts on it.

Home Layout Box: JagoMag provides a home layout box on the free version. You can add up to 3 layout box on the free version. 

Popular Post: You can add a popular post to this template in a beautiful way. It shows the popular posts in a dynamic way.


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