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How to start blogging in 2021 and make money?

I know must of the people know to blog. Now blogging is the best platform to share ideas and earn money. Blogging is the convient way to earn money.

I know most of the people know to blog. Now blogging is the best platform to share ideas and earn money. Blogging is a convenient way to earn money.

I start blogging in 2018 and now 2021 and I learn so many things about blogging. I remember when I start blogging and I confuse so much.


1) How to start blogging?

Starting blogging in 2021 is best for everyone. Now bloggers are increased day by day. So if you think start blogging then just do it. 

Before we start blogging we need to choose a niche for the blog.

You need to have one niche for write articles. I mean you have knowledge in one field like technology, cooking, science, fashion, photography, and so many you can choose for write article.

2) Choose the best template for your blog

The template is the best part of your blog. Basically, you also get the default template on blogger. But the default template is not good for showing ads on the homepage. 

So, you can download the best template for your blog with our template site. There we can provide a responsive blogger template: Download

3)  Write SEO friendly article

It is the best advice for every blogger, if you start blogging then you need to optimize your blog for SEO. 

You need to choose a tag for your article and repeat this tag on your article for google find your tag for ranking.

You need to add permalink, description, labels and so more.

4) Which platform is best for blogging

Personally, I used a blogger to create a post-it that is simple and easy to use. But in practice, you totally not customize your blog but in the case of WordPress, there are provided a lot of plugins to optimize image, SEO friendly, Edit website by drag-drop and so more features are available.

5) How to create a backlink

A backlink is a top-ranking factor in blogging. You don't need to add a backlink to any third-party website. Just share your article on Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter, Tumblr, medium, Pinterest, etc. 

6) How to place google ads on a blog

It is so easy but many beginner bloggers think it is so difficult. You can mainly focus on your content or article. you need to write an article up to 50 then apply for google ads. 

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