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What are the best technical YouTube channels in Nepal 2021?

We are looking for the best technical YouTube channel in Nepal then there are not much more than other countries. But there has a technical youtube

We are looking for the best technical YouTube channel in Nepal then there are not much more than other countries. But there has a technical YouTube channel where you can learn technical knowledge.

Please comment below if you want to start a YouTube channel. Here we have covered those technical youtube channel who has cross 1 lakh subscribers.

We are also discussed their earning, others' source of earning, portfolio, and so much.


Technical  Youtube Channel


Gadget Byte Nepal


Technical  View


Technology Channel


Techno KD

1) Gadget Byte Nepal

Gadget byte Nepal is one of the best technical youtube channels in Nepal. There is a lot of team working on gadget byte. They operate Youtube channels and websites.

There are video editors, content creators, graphics designers, and developers are leading their Tech reviews channel and website in Nepal.

Gadget Byte Nepal

Gadget Byte Nepal is the official Youtube channel where they can provide the latest gadget news and update. Gadget Byte Nepal is the first Tech News portal in Nepal.  It is established around 2011 A.D. 

Gadget byte Nepal has 1 lakh, 68 thousand subscribers. Their monthly earning through youtube is 4 lakh per month and 50 lakh per year. This is their only youtube income, I mean they run their own blog. Their every article rank in the first position. If you think about their income through the website. It is double than youtube income. Their revenue from ads is 35 thousand per month. But this only the income from ads. We can't calculate the Sponsor on the youtube channel and website. 

2) Technical View

Technical view aims to create a Technical View channel is to provide technical views on different areas like smartphones, computers, telecom, universities, and many more videos which give you some knowledge and entertain you to provide different technical aspects.

Their subscriber on the youtube channel is 3 lakh 34 thousand and 2.2k follow on the Facebook page. And they have also their own website where they write articles.

Technical View

Technical View is the Nepali tech youtube channel. The owner of Technical View is Krishna Ghimire who lives in Kapilvastu. This channel started on 7 Aug 2017. 

The technical view has its own Youtube channel and website. The total views on the youtube channel are 1 crore. Their total view is 50 thousand per month. Their total income from youtube is 50 thousand per month and 6 lakh per year. On but another side we are discussed about their blog earning then there are 1000 thousand per month according to

3) Technology Channel

Technology Channel is the Youtube channel where you can learn web development, Backend and Fronted Development, and others tips and tricks.  This channel is owned by Bishowraj Poudel. He has his own institute where he can learn all programming languages.

Technology Channel has 1 lakh, 1 thousand subscribers. And total channel view of Technology Channel is 4 lakh 58 thousand and 9 hundred 85.

They provide online classes and offline classes. We don't calculate their other side income, we only calculate their youtube channel earning. 

Technology Channel

Technology Channel is the youtube channel where you can learn all programming languages in the Nepali Language. The owner of this channel is Bishworaj Poudel. He provides online and offline classes. He started his youtube channel on 17 June 2019. And now his channel has crossed 1 lakh subscribers. 

Technology Channel has earned 6 thousand per month and 66 thousand per year. Their others earning source is offline and online classes. 

4) Techno KD

Techno KD Youtube channel is about Gadget Review, Tips and Tricks, and Software. This channel joins on youtube on 1 Aug 2013. There are provide quality video and quality tech.

 They have their own website and youtube channel. He gave his two youtube channels one is Techno KD and Nepali Creators. 

Techno KD

Techno KD is the YouTube channel where you can learn gadget reviews, tips, and tricks, online earning, software tutorials, unboxing, etc. The total subscribe on the youtube channel is 3 lakh 78 thousand. 

Techno KD has it's two Youtube channels and one blog website. The total video views on the youtube channel are 93 lakh. Their total youtube income is 7 thousand per month and 89 thousand per year.

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