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What are the best online payment apps in Nepal 2021?

There are some reliable ways to payment in Nepal such as e-sewa, IME-Pay, Khalti, Fonepay, Prabhu pay. All those E-Wallets are trusted and reliable

There are some reliable ways to pay in Nepal such as e-sewa, IME-Pay, Khalti,  Prabhu pay. All those E-Wallets are trusted and used in many cooperations.

But a maximum of people used e-sewa and IME-Pay. All those apps are made for payment and receive money locally. 

You can use this wallet to pay for water and electricity, TopUp, Online payment, Remittance, Airlines, Tv, EMI, Bus Tickets, Internet.

Digital Wallet in Nepal

1. e-sewa

e-sewa is one of the trusted online wallets used overall in Nepal. The founder of e-sewa was Biswas Dhakal born on 14 December 1981. 

He is the entrepreneur who founded F1 soft international PVT. ltd. e-sewa was found in 2009.

Now e-sewa is used in the banking sector, trade sector, cooperation. 

The UI design of e-sewa is better than other E-Wallet. You can transfer money bank to e-sewa and e-sewa to the bank. 

Now you can buy any things from the daraz by using e-sewa. All the banks are recommended to use the thee-sewa wallet. There are many e-sewa businesses that are run in Nepal.

Features of e-sewa

Easy UI Design

e-sewa is easy to use. If you don't have any technical knowledge then you can easily use it. The registration process of e-sewa is only needed a mobile number, full name, gender, and password. 

You can use only one number in your e-sewa account. It means there is no permission to make multiple accounts with one number.

Fully Transaction

You can use e-sewa as a bank. Now you can buy any product in Daraz with e-sewa. You can buy a domain and host your website using e-sewa.

 I also buy domains with the help of e-sewa. Now many e-sewa businesses are run and they make a profit.

 Not only transaction but thee-sewa also offer and provide cash if you do more transaction in e-sewa.

Connect with bank

You can transfer money e-sewa to bank and bank to e-sewa. You can pay money online for top-up, electricity, khanepani, internet, airlines, Govt. Payments, Insurance, TV, Finance, EMI, Tickets, etc.
Digital Wallet In Nepal

2. IME-Pay

IME-Pay is useful for remittance. The founder of IME-Pay is Chandra Prasad Dhakal and Him Raj Dhakal. 

There are 200 plus employment, 75 presence in districts, 25 thousand agent network, 100 plus banking partners.

Signup Process of IME-Pay

  • Download IME-Pay From play store
  • Open the app and click on get started
  • Enter your mobile number
  • Enter your OTP number, Number should be 6 digits
  • Enter wallet PIN, the PIN must be 4 digits

Features of IME-Pay

User-friendly Design

The layout is modern so any user can understand it easily. There is no problem in design every part has separated by borders. 

But there are some problems with this app while it's open and try to signup there is some issue with the server. But I hope they fix it.

The problem with this wallet

The problem with this wallet is there are not supported internet service while I sign up with my mobile number it always says internet connection error but internet my device is fast.

Please solve this problem as soon as because the other function and design of this wallet is next level. When I compared the UI design with e-sewa then IME-Pay is better than e-sewa.

Use of IME-Pay

  • Remittance
  • Send Money
  • Add Money
  • Utility Bill Payments
  • Financial Payments
  • Merchants Payments
  • Request Money
  • Withdraw Money
  • Ticketing

Digital Wallet In Nepal

3. Khalti Digital Wallet

Khalti is one of the popular apps for Digital Wallet. You can use Khalti for Mobile recharge, money transfer, Bill Payments. Not only online payments khalti provide different type of services.

The server system of khalti is very fast. You can use khalti for Utility payments, Financial services, Bookings, etc. There are buying services provided by khalti. But this is not a big bazaar. You can buy like a toy, and so more.

Use of Khalti Digital Wallet

    Utility Payments: Topup, Data Pack, RC Card, Landline, Electricity, Khanepani, TV, Internet, Government Services, School Fee, Ride, Health Care.

    Financial Services: DEMAT MeroShare, Insurance, Credit Card, EMI.

    Booking: Flight, Movie, Bus Tickets, Cable Car, Voting, Event, Offering Happiness.

    Digital Wallet In Nepal

    4. Prabhu Pay

    Prabhu Pay is a wallet just like e-sewa and others. It is not the mobile banking of Prabhu bank. You can also use it for Payment Utilities, Financial services, and booking.

    But now talk about it's the foundation. The founder of Prabhu Pay is Prabhu Group. Parbhu pay has his online store where you can buy products. But not like a big bazaar it is a small type of store.

    You can get the Service of Scan and Pay, connect with banking, withdraw, etc. 

    Features of Prabhu pay

    Utility Services: Television, Phone Topup, Internet, Electricity, Landline, Insurance, Water, Antivirus, Government Payment, Data Pack, Online Store.

    Financial Services: Voting, Flight, Movie, Bus, Events, Manakamana Cable Car.

    Fund Transfer: Bank Transfer, COOP Deposit

    Digital Wallet In Nepal

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