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How do I write a blog in the Nepali language in 2021?


If you are a blogger in Nepal and you don't have any other language knowledge. Then after you have only one choice write a blog in the Nepali language. 

I am also blogging in the Nepali language in 2019 but I have English language knowledge so I start writing a blog in the English language.

In the market, You get a lot of tools that help you to write a blog in the Nepali language.

Especially, If you are starting a blog for daily news then you need to write a blog in your country language for all the people who read the blog. 

But the problem is that if you don't have any Nepali tying skills then you fall down.

If you have English language knowledge then you can translate after the Nepali language from the English language. But today I share with you how you can start a blog in the Nepali language without the English language. is the voice recognition tool that helps write blogs in the Nepali language. 

You can do this on both mobile and computer devices. But the main condition is that you have a mic or earphone.

There you can get options like Bold any text, Italy, choose the color, background-color, align text and copy text. 

There are provided a lot of languages like Hindi, Nepali, English, Chinese, etc. The best thing about this Dictation is that interface is so simple anyone can understand it.

Google Input Tool

Google input tool is one of the best tools for Nepali bloggers and Hindi bloggers. There are can type words just like a chat on Facebook. It can automatically convert into Nepali words.

Most of the Nepali bloggers and Indian bloggers used this tool like Indian famous bloggers used this tool. And Saja Sansar Nepali Bloggers used this tool to type the Nepali language.

There are available 150 languages and Nepali and Hindi language also available. 

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