100+ Professional and Elegant Blogger Template Download For Free in 2022?

Blogger Template

100+ professional Blogger Template Download For Free in 2022
. Blogger is popular for its free services and blogging platform. But in blogger, we provide only a few templates. But these templates do not look like a professional blog.

These templates are SEO friendly,  Responsive, Professional, etc. There are provide a useful element for better find google your website.

Funnel SEO

Funnel SEO

Funnel SEO is the professional blogger template where you can get the different elements that make your blog awesome. I like this template because it's good looking design. There are proper arrange all elements and provide a different element that makes your blogger template a WordPress template.

The speed of Funnel SEO is over 50 on mobile devices and over 90 on desktop devices. There are provide all SEO pack in the free and paid version of these templates

Responsive Design means your website looks perfect on any devices. Mainly we are used their devices desktop, tablet and mobile. The responsiveness of these templates is 100% on any devices. 

Element is also useful for ranking your website. Just like if you make useful pages, it ranks faster on google. In this template, There are provide 5+ unique and useful element that can make your website professional.

Super Center Piki Templates

Super Center Piki TemplatesSuper Center is the professional blogger template. There are provide full features of the free version. It provides dark mode, Megamenu, featured post, social plugin, Random post, etc.

You can show four responsive ads on the homepage and five ads on the post menu. They can provide social media icon on the top nav.

BLighter Piki Templates

Blighter Blogger templates are professional blogger template. It is a good template for blogging and tech purpose. There are provided a lot of sections like the introduction section,  featured post, social plugin, about section, etc.


There are provided a lot of gadgets like an Author profile, Social plugin, Megamenu, beautiful footer, Clean layout.

BLighter is responsive on mobile and desktop devices. The main thing I like about this template is that the navigation menu is unique in mobile devices.

Dope - Creative & Responsive

Dope - Creative & ResponsiveDope is an amazing blogger template with its element and fast loading template. This template has awesome features such as fully responsive, fast-loading, SEO meta pack, useful element, etc. 

In the Dope Blogger Template, there are provide all SEO pack by Piki Templates. The speed of this template is over 50 on mobile devices and over 90 on desktop devices. The speed is sufficient by comparing with other templates.

Piki Salon - Portfolio & Responsive 

Piki SalonPiki Salon is the portfolio Blogger Templates developed by Piki templates. These templates are fully responsive on mobile and desktop devices. You can get fully-features on the free version. 

You can customize this template in your way. There you can add your post, custom hero section, about section, contact section, etc. There are provided wider hero section and top subheader that makes this template unique. The speed of this template is over 50 on mobile devices and over 90  on desktop devices.

Piki Bloggers - Blogging Blogger Templates

 Piki Bloggers template is one of the professional templates for bloggers. This template was provided by the Piki Blogger template. The good things about this template are you get a dynamic footer and header section. You get free and paid versions of these templates.

Piki Bloggers - Blogging Bloggers Templates
There are a lot of features in this template. In this template, the professional footer is provided. There is a mega menu available, soft gradients are used, beautiful hover effect in the post, show recent post or featured post.

Pure Apk

Pure APK is designed for the show Application on your website. It provides Trading posts, featured posts, choose categories.  There are show trading applications. It provides a professional app store. And provide a dynamic download button below the post.

Pure ApkIt provides featured apps below the weekly trading. It looks like a dynamic view. You can show at featured post whatever you want. Some of the templates are very crowded by showing ads.

But you can add ads in this template like a banner below the featured apps, featured games. 
The speed of this template on mobile devices is over 80 and over 95 on desktop. It is useful for doing SEO.

Jago Mag Blogger Template

JagoMag is mainly made for technology blogs. The jagoMag facilities featured an image, show categories post, latest post, beautiful footer credits.

Jago Mag

This is the ads ready template where you can set ads in different places. You can add ads on the sidebar, between post, footer-menu.

JagoMag is SEO friendly. The web speed of this template is 60 up to mobile devices and 90 up to desktop devices. You can add a popular post to this template in a beautiful way. It shows the popular posts in a dynamic way.

Salbuta Bloggers Templates

Salbuta professional build template. The view of this template is to look dynamic.  You get a beautiful icon, contact page, popular post, share button,  layout, etc. Read More

Salbuta Bloggers Templates

Salbuta blogger template is ads ready. You can show ads in a blog post, header, and so more. Salbuta template is SEO friendly. The loading speed of this template is up to 50% on mobile devices and 90% on desktop.

Salbuta can be set to 1 column or 2 columns. The sidebar can be enabled or disabled in the index, post or static pages or some of them.

Basil - Portfolio Blogger Template

If you don't have any website to show your portfolio then basil blogger template for you. it is mainly customized for portfolio websites. You can add your skills, gallery, process, about section, team, and contact information in beautiful ways. 
The looks of this template are best for mobile and desktop devices.

Basil Portfolio Blogger template

You can also show your post in a beautiful way. Basil provides an awesome welcome section by showing animated text, social icon, logo, and beautiful background. 

There are provided animated skills section. You can fully customize their skills, icons, and text. Through the working section, you can show the concept of your company, a project completed, happy customers, and awards. 

If you don't like this you can remove the form template. The speed of this template on mobile devices is over 30 mobile devices and over 80 on desktop devices. The speed is not sufficient for a good website.

LiteSpot - Responsive News

LiteSpeed is the responsive and magazine blogger template design by Templateify.com. This template is fast, responsive and SEO friendly. The speed of this template is over 70 on mobile devices and over 90 on desktop devices.

They are provided RTL support, 100% responsive, one-click dark mode, author social pack, Awesome ajax mega menu,  etc.

LiteSpot Responsive and Magzine Blogger Template

This template is made for ads ready. You can add at least 6 ads on the homepage and blog post. This template adds trending post, featured post( labels, recent and popular). But some of the function is not available in free version like dark mode, doesn't remove copyright, ajax mega menu, etc. 

GNews - Responsive Magzine Blogger Template

GNews is the responsive magazine blogger template. It is made for news and magazine blog. There are provide an advanced element that makes your blog designful. The original author of this template is Templateify.com.


There are RTL Support, Dark Mode, 8+ Advertisement Section, Responsive Youtube videos, Featured post by(labels, recent, random, and popular post).

The speed of this template over 75 on mobile devices and over 95 on desktop devices. There are doesn't support for dark mode, mega menu, on the free version. 

Colorify - Creative Blogger Template

Colorify blogger template is highly maintained for speed and SEO. The speed of this template is over 80 on mobile devices and over 90 on desktop devices. It is responsive on all devices. The view of this template is beautiful on both mobile and desktop devices. I really recommended this template's update in 2021.

Colorify - Creative Blogger Template

It is useful for bloggers who want to show their article in a simple view. It Shows your featured post on top of the menu and shows others' posts in the beautiful view. Colorify template is ads ready template. You can show ads at the top of the post and bottom of the post and side of the post. 

Cov - 19 News - Health & Advanced

Cov - 19 News is made for a news blog. It is primarily focused on COVID - 19. This template is unique for its concept. There are provide useful element on a homepage. There are provide social profile package, SEO pack, creative featured post, etc.

Cov - 19 News

The speed of this template is more than 55 on mobile devices and over 95 on desktop devices. There are provide creative random post, recent post, and popular post. Useful featured post, mega menu, dark mode, etc.

Limitless News - Responsive & Creative

Limitless is the advanced Blogger template with its element. There are provide advanced featured post, dark mode, mega grid, social plugin, slider post, left & right post, labels article, random, recent, and popular post on the footer, etc.

Limitless News

Multiple featured post, more admin panel gadget on a homepage with a clean element. They provide a full customization option. You can change the colour of text, remove an element,  add a social share link, etc.

The speed of this template on mobile devices is over 35 on mobile devices and over 85 on desktop devices. The speed is not sufficient as required. This problem can be solved by remove extra element, remove unused javascript, etc.

Blink - Colorful And Responsive

Blink is the professional and responsive Blogger template developed by Piki Templates. This template is useful for news & magazine, personal, blogging, etc. There are provided beautiful element that makes your blog next level.

Blink - Colorful and Responsive

This is the new update of Piki Templates and there are seen many changes on these templates. There is a show blog in different types. If you are also WordPress users I guaranteed you have also loved this template.

There you can show multiple posts on multiple labels. The main features of this template is there are provided Dark Mode on the free version. Blink Templates provides an SEO pack that helps to rank your site as well as rank any images and element. 

Max Gym - Health & Fitness

Max Gym is the blogger template is specially designed for health and fitness blog. It is also useful for a portfolio blog. There are provided useful gadget like the about section, featured post, cards, contact and contact info section, etc.

Max Gym

The speed of this template is over 50 on mobile devices and over 95 on desktop devices. There are provided SEO pack, social plugin, Slide hero section, etc.

These templates are 100% responsive on any devices. And original designer of this template is Piki templates. 

Newssiki - News & Responsive

Newssiki blogger template is designed for news and magazine blog. Newssiki is the clean, useful element, slide article, featured article, videos featured provided by Piki Templates.

There are provided SEO pack, social plugin, mega menu, etc. This template is fully responsive on any devices. It is a fully customizable template where you can change the layout, colour, content on the template.

Newssiki - News & Responsive

The speed of this template is over 55 on mobile devices and over 80 on desktop devices. The speed is sufficient as required. If you want to increase the speed of this template you can remove the element of this template through edit HTML.

Jobbik- Education & Job

Jobiki - Education & Job Blogger Template

Jobiki is designed by Piki Templates with fast loading, responsive, and SEO pack. There you get animated text, 3D Buttons, advanced featured post, ajax mega menu, Dark Mode, etc

Jobiki is the Education & Job Blogger Template with the clean and useful element. There are provided advanced element with a beautiful layout.

Rapid Blogger Template

Rapid Blogger Template

Rapid is the clean and responsive Blogger Templates developed by live blogger. 
This template provides an advanced featured post on the homepage.

The right side of this template provides a clean sidebar with a social plugin, link list, popular post, and labels.

The speed of this template is over 30 on mobile devices and over 70 on desktop devicesThis template provides a Featured post below the header. You can provide an article link on a featured post.

Median UI 

Median UI
Median UI is the professional blogger template designed by a median. This template provides a clean and useful gadget that looks like any professional website.

This is the amp blogger template so their speed is sufficient as required. The most useful features of this template are you get all those features on the free version.

App Business

App Business v2.00 Blogger Templates. App Business is a professional and responsive blogger template. This template is designed for a portfolio blogger website. This template was developed by Jojo themes.

App Business

This template has multiple sections on a homepage. This section is divided into 15 section such as the hero section, About, features, Demo Video, carousel, plan, cards, gallery, post, and footer section, etc. All this section are dynamic and looks like a professional website.

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