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What are the top 10 best hidden features of Visual Studio 2019?

Visual studio is the best text editor software for all programmer. If you are used to the visual studio then you need to know their hidden features.

Visual studio is the best text editor software for all programmers. If you are used to the visual studio then you need to know their hidden features.


Visual studio is the text editor software developed by Microsoft. It is available for Windows, Mac OS, and Linux. There are provide thousands of plugins and themes. 

In a normal text editor, You can't get an environment for programming but visual studio provides a lot of features. The visual studio was completely free and there you can get various vers ions of the visual studio.

hidden features of visual studio

Features of Visual Studio

  • Highlight syntax
  • Code formatting
  • More than a thousand plugins
  • Live server supports
  • Enable dark mode and white mode


Hidden features of visual studio


Emmet Shortcut


Multiple Editing


Live Server


Format Document




Creating Your Own Snippets


Custom Design


 Run as a Terminal


 Plugins and Themes

1) Emmet Shortcut

Emmet helps programmers with fast coding. Emmet is the shortcut key that helps you to write multiple syntaxes in visual studio. If you are type one by one code in a text editor that lost your time.

Emmet is updated by Microsoft in the 2017 (v1.15) release of VS code. You can just use emmet in any way. 

Emmet In Visual Studio


This is the best example of emmet. You can use dots for class and # for id. And after you need to write greater than a symbol.

2) Multiple Editing

This is the best function when you provide the same id and class on different elements. It is used while you are editing multiple columns at once time.


You can do this step by Press the Alt key on the keyboard and click anywhere you want to be edit. It is more helpful while you are making the same class and id division multiple times.

3) Live Server

The live server is the best plugin for visual studio. It is used while you are seeing your website on living. You can download this plugin from the visual studio extension. 


If you are using a live server in web development you save 30 days in a year. You don't need to save and refresh the web page again and again.

4) Format Document

Document formatted helps you to write clean code in visual studio. This is the simple step you need to follow. Right-click on the mouse and you can find the format document option just click them your code has been formatted.

But you need to consider this code formatted doesn't work in CSS extension. CSS automatically aligns its document.

5) AutoSave

By default, you can save your document in visual studio by click ctrl + s. But in case, you want to save the file without any task then you can use this property to save the document.

Document Autosave: can have the values:

off: Disable autosave

after delay: Set timer of autosave

on focus change: save file when focus moves out of the editor dirty file

on window change: Automatically save file when window losses the focus out of the VS code window

6) Creating your own snippets

Snippets help you to create your own code. If you are a lazy person typing the whole code then you can make the shortcut code for the whole code.

You can use snippets in visual studio in simple step:

Click Ctrl + Shift + P

Click Configure user snippets

And select any programming extension: javascript, java, python, CSS

Under the {curley brackets} write your code

7) Custom Design

If you like a designing text editor then you can make your visual studio looks better. There are provide a lot of themes that help you to make a beautiful text editor.

custom design

You can change the layout of the text editor, color, icons and so more. You can use these themes through the extension of visual studio.

 9) Run as a terminal

If you are working on java, python, C++, Kotlin then you need to run this code in the terminal.  So, the visual studio provides a terminal to support all languages.

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