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20+ SEO (search engine optimization) for a blog website you need to know in 2022?

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is the important stuff you need to know as you create your blog or website. In this article, we will talk about more

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is the important stuff you need to know as you create your blog or website. In this article, we will talk about more than 20 ways of doing search engine listing in 2022.


There are many more SEO lists, but some of them are very important for you. You also already know some of this search engine optimization such as reduce unused javascript and CSS, properly image size, reduce loading time, etc.

It's not necessary to take this whole SEO list seriously, but the key things are that you need to make better content.

List of SEO for a Blog Website 

  • Meta Tag
  • Remove Unused javascript and CSS
  • Properly reduce image size
  • create and submit a sitemap
  • Improve the loading speed
  • Submit website on google search console
  • Use components on your blogpost
  • Scale up your article
  • Create backlink
  • Include the blog link on the navbar
  • Create robots.txt
  • Use amp template
  • Custom add permalink
  • Set up an about, contact, privacy and terms page.

Meta Tag

The meta tag is important stuff for any blog website. Under meta tag, there are include meta title, keyword, description, image, icon, colour, link, etc. You can custom add meta tag on your blog website by using a meta tag generator. If you are using any blogger or WordPress template there you can get meta tag in HTML.

Meta Title: Meta title is the name of your webpage. The meta title must be between 15 to 70 letters, and there are no duplicate words. For example Sandesh Tandan - Blogging, Animation and Graphics Design. 


<title>page title</title>



Meta Keywords: Meta keywords are the most usable SEO in HTML. It is the way to provide information to the search engine about the website. The best length of meta keywords is 100 to 150 letters. Under meta content, there is information on your website and certain searchable keywords such as blogging, SEO, youtube, etc.


<meta name= "keywords" content="Blogging, SEO, YouTube, WordPress, Blogger Template, Facebook, Programming, Animation, Graphics Design, etc.">


Meta Description: Meta title, meta keywords, and meta description is the common SEO for any blog website. Meta description means all about your website. You must have a meta description of fewer than 500 letters. Some of the template there are already provided meta description, in case it is not provided, you can generate it and paste it below the head.


<meta name="description" content="Our blog is a free learning platform where you can learn about Blogging, Programming, Animation, Graphics Designing, Online Earning, and so on."/>


Meta Image: Meta image is the significant SEO for any blog site. You can do image SEO while writing an article. There is a simple way to do SEO in the image, you need to provide title text, alt text, reduce image size, etc. But we can do SEO in HTML.


<meta property="og:image" content="">


Meta Icon: Meta icon is also called apple-touch-icon.  It is important metadata for SEO. In Blogger, there are already provided option to add favicon but we don't have the option to add apple-touch-icon. So we need to manually add the apple-touch-icon in HTML. 


<link href='' rel='apple-touch-icon'/>


Meta Theme Color: Meta Theme Color is all the colour properties of your site. It is also included in SEO. My suggestion is that you need to use a light colour on your site. Otherwise, it affects your ads since approval and loading speed. If you ever visit my site, you will see I will use light colour like white and light blue. Never use dark and primary colour like blue, green, black, red, etc.


<meta content='#fff' name='theme-color'/>


Remove Unused Javascript and CSS

Javascript and CSS is the main issue of reducing the loading speed of any site. In blogger or Wordpress template, there are many more unused element. If you are using the script of any third-party site this will affect your site. 

I will also use the share button, push notification, ads sense script,  etc. It will reduce my site loading speed. The principle is that you will use less HTML and CSS code.

Other important tips are that you will remove extra element on your site like slider, featured post, label post, etc. You can remove both CSS and HTML properties. Another important tip for you is that you will use the image in a next-generation format such as jpeg 2000, jpeg XR, webp, etc. Never use images in the format of png or jpg. You will use images less than 40KB in size because it reduces the page load size.

Reduce Image Size

This is a common and important thing of search engine optimization for a blog site. I will always convert images into webp format because it is a lightweight image format. If you are using an image in a jpeg and png format then please don't do this because the size of this format is very high. You will always use the image in the format of jpeg 2000, jpeg XR, and webp format.

The good page size of any blog is less than 100KB. If you are using greater than 100KB size images then all SEO fall down from the cloud. And another and important for image SEO is that always use copyright images. You can use copyright images from the pixabay, pexels, freepik, Unsplash, etc. Another recommendation is that you will make your own blog images through photoshop or illustrator.

Create and Submit Sitemap

A sitemap is a place where all the blog URL are located. It is important for visitors and SEO purpose. You need to custom submit a sitemap in the google search console. If you edit your site address like then all the blog URL has been showing.

How to submit sitemap in google search console

  • Visit in Google search console: click here
  • Click on sitemap
  • There is an option to add a new sitemap
  • Just type sitemap.xml
  • And your sitemap XML has been submitted

You can also make a professional sitemap page. If you want to look at my sitemap page then click here. Here all the post has been looking dynamic and all post and URL has been shown.

If you want to make a professional sitemap page then click here

Improve Loading Speed

This is the most important SEO factor. Loading speed depend upon your template, image, CSS, javascript, CDN, etc. If you are do blogging by using blogger or Wordpress then there is a simple way to use the best template or themes. 

In blogger, you will use an app template that is lightweight but it is not professional. So, I am using blogger for blogging so I will advise you to see my blogger template list by click here.

And if you use Wordpress then I recommended you to reduce the use of plugins and make a neat layout on a homepage and blog.  Another important thing is that improve image optimization. Use webp and jpeg 2000 image format for image optimization.

We are already discussed how to reduce the use of CSS and javascript. You are also using a template that is made through the cdn CSS link. Just like bootstrap, there you get much more bootstrap template which is lightweight and responsive in any devices.

Submit website on google search console

The benefit of submitting a website on a google search console is that you can check the performance of your site, site speed, breadcrumbs, inspect URL, sitemap etc. Google search console made for measuring your site, fix issues, make your site shine in google search result.

You can check your site impressions, total clicks, ctr, and average position through performance. You can submit your sitemap in the google search console that helps google can find all your blog URL.

The best and useful features of the Google search console is you can see loading speed on mobile and desktop devices. 

Use the components on your blogpost

This is one of the unknown facts of SEO. Googlebot ranks through a site where use elements like an accordion, card, button, table, carousel, etc. This can search faster than normal text.

Accordion is one of the best element to use in a blog post. You can use this accordion from bootstrap. Just you need to copy and paste the CDN link through bootstrap.

How to use bootstrap in blogpost click here

Scale Up your article

You're doing everything from SEO but you're not writing a helpful article so you're wasting your time. You are required to write your content based on the title. If you write an article for SEO then it is high, research volume, high SEO, high difficulty, high CPC, article. So you have to broaden your article. You need to write at least 1 thousand 5 hundred word article.

Other helpful hints for you are that you will write an article by asking questions. This will help you write a long and good article. You need to do on-page SEO while writing an article.

On-Page SEO: On-Page SEO is the terms of SEO where you can provide a different link in the text, button, image, etc. You can also provide your others article link which is related to the present article.

Create Backlinks

Backlinks are one of the best ways to get organic traffic to your website. Backlinks are free or paid. If you want to make a without broken backlink then you are going to paid and if you like to people visit your website just click the link through another website then you will go through free. 

Backlinks are not only the people who visit your website on any other site. But backlinks means that people visit your site any place like Facebook, Twitter Whatsapp, youtube, etc.

If you want to create backlinks in a trusted website then, Pinterest, youtube, Facebook, Reddit, etc are the best site for creating free backlinks. If you are thinking about how to create a backlink on Facebook, Reddit, Pinterest, youtube, then you will create your page or account on this social media and start sharing your article. 

Not only this you will automatically create a backlink through a free backlink create. There are many trusted site where trusted backlink created such as small SEO tools, site checker, etc. Off-page SEO is also a backlink. In off-page SEO, you will also create a link on a third-party website or social media.

Include the blog link on the navbar

This is one of the unthinkable points I will list here. If you are ignoring this then you will miss one important SEO factor. You can provide all blog link on the navbar. And provide about, contact, privacy, terms, disclaimer page on the navbar. This is why, because Googlebot thinks you can hide unusual content with google.

If you create a user page then provide this on the navbar because the page can rank faster the article. And last important things is that provide your site logo on the navbar.

Create robots.txt

Robots.txt file tells search engine where they can or can't go on your site. you can set the order to the crawl's which page they can crawl or which can't. So, we can use the robots.txt file to set the order. Sometimes you don't want certain pages to be crawled & indexing for certain reasons.

If you are searching for any site like this then all the robots.txt file has been shown. In a blogger, you will get the option of adding a robots.txt file. In Wordpress you will custom add robots.txt file.

Use AMP Template

Amp template is popular for its lightweight and fast loading. The speed of the amp template is over 80 on mobile devices and over 90 on desktop devices. There is no need to use an AMP template, just you can use fast loading template. You can use SEO friendly, responsive, fast loading,& clean layout blogger or WordPress template.

If you see a professional blogger template then visit my blogger template list by click here. If you are Wordpress users or search for a useful Wordpress theme then visit the site by click here.

Let's talk about why use the amp template?. Amp refer to the Accelerator Mobile Page. CDN is the main role in the amp template. CDN refer to the Contain Deliver Network. CDN is the link of CSS just like you will use the CDN link of Bootstrap. Similarly, in the amp template, the developer uses CSS and javascript CDN link for a faster template.

Custom Add Permalink

Permalink is the location of any blog post. It is useful while visitors visit any social media or another site. It is also useful for SEO purpose because we need to add custom title keyword on the permalink. In blogger, a permalink is automatically generated but in wordpress, we need to custom add permalink on a blogpost.

If you see there are link option on blogger post there are two option like automatic permalink and custom permalink. You need to select the custom permalink and add your blog title keyword on the permalink.

Set up about, contact, privacy, terms and disclaimer page

If you make a useful page then it has a high ranking chance than a blog post. There is some important blog page you need to know while blogging. About, contact, privacy, terms, sitemap, disclaimer page is important for SEO purpose or Adsense purpose. About and contact page you need to custom add on a site but privacy, terms, disclaimer page generated from any website. 

Hello to everyone. My name is Sandesh Tandan. was created by myself. It's my personal blog where I offer graphic design, Blogging, programming, and digital marketing advice.


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