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Light Speed - Blogging & Responsive Blogger Templates Download For Free

Light Speed is the blogging and responsive blogger template designed by piki templates. The layout of this template is clean and responsive. You can add several blog tags, headline post, random post to this template. 

Light Speed

The core features of this template are dark mode, breaking ticker, responsive ads, clean layout, label post, etc. You can use this template for a magazine or news website. This template developed with HTML5, CSS5, Javascript, and Jquery programming language. There are provided SEO meta pack that helps to rank your image, page, and post on google.

Designed by

Piki Templates - free & premium blogger template

Developed With

HTML5, CSS5, Javascript, Jquery

Released on

April 27, 2021

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Extra Features

Dark Mode, Label Post, Ajax mega menu

Fast Loading Speed

This template is SEO friendly and responsive on any devices. The speed of this template on mobile devices is over 60 on mobile devices and over 90 on desktop devices. You can increase the speed of this template by removing unused javascript, and remove the unused element.

Label Post

Label post is useful for magazine and news website. You can use your label, random, a recent post on the homepage to show the blog article. 

One-Click Dark Mode

The dark mode is advanced blogger features available in some templates. But these templates provide dark mode on free version as well as paid version. You get dark mode on top of navigation. The dark mode working all right on the homepage and blog page.

Ads Sense Friendly

This template is fully ads sense friendly. You can show at least 4 ads on the homepage and 5 ads on the blog page.

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