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Which is the best site for downloading & Use online resources?

If you are an online creator then you need resources for use in work. In this article, I will provide the best site for downloading & Use online resou

The best site for downloading & Use online resources

If you are an online creator then you need resources for use in work. In this article, I will provide the best site for downloading & Use online resources. It is a useful video creator, graphics designer, Bloggers, and so on.

site for downloading & use online resources

In this topics, we have covered the following points:

Copyright Image Download

Pixabay: Pixabay is the free image download site where you get millions of stunning free image & royalty-free stock. There are provide images like easter, wallpaper, background, spring, holi, flowers, food, etc.

Pixabay is my first choice of copyright images. Because there are easy to download and use images. There no need to do any further activities for downloading images.

There is also another useful website for downloading free images like Pexels, Unsplash, etc.

Free Fonts Download 

Google Fonts: Google Fonts is the first recommended for downloading free fonts. It is so easy to download any fonts and don't need to do any login process.

There are provided more than a thousand family fonts to make your typography better than before. 

There is also an exciting useful website for downloading free fonts like 1001freefonts, da fonts, fonts space.

Blogger Templates Download

Piki Templates: Always every blogger hates the blogger template because they don't know about the blogger template download site.

But Piki Templates provides responsive, designing, SEO Blogger template for free. It also provides a useful SEO pack that helps to rank your site. The good things about Piki Templates are that there you get full features on free version download.

There is also another site that provides a useful blogger template. Templateify is also a recommended site for download free templates.

Download Blogger Templates 

WordPress Templates Download is the best site for download overall Wordpress templates. The Wordpress theme is used by millions of Wordpress users.

There are provided different types of theme just like tech template, travel template, education template, cooperate template, etc.

There is also a useful site for download wordpress theme like athemes, accesspressthemes, etc.

Free Design Download

Freepik: Freepik is a useful site for every graphics designers. There are provided millions of vector images, PSD, Icons, Stock Photos, etc.

There are millions of creative designers who share their ideas in freepik. You can also reedit the creators designed in Illustrator.

Intro, Music & Transition for Premiere Pro and After Effect

Mixkit: Mixkit is the free assets download site for your next video project. There are provided sound effect, video, music, photos, etc. There you get templates for Premiere Pro, After Effect, DaVinci Resolves, final cut pro, etc.

Under templates, you get Slideshow, Transitions, Titles Intro, Lower-Thirds, Openers, Audio Visualization, Logo,  Instagram, Youtube, etc.

Modern Color-Gradient

uiGradients: uiGradients is the free gradient provider site where you get minimal gradient for your next design

Now, most graphics designers used a gradient for modern design. But there is also a need to use trading gradient or modern gradient.  So, I recommended every designer use UI gradients where you get the beautiful coloured gradient.

CSS Gradient: CSS Gradient is also a free gradient generator tools. You can change the position, direction, colour in the CSS gradient.

Web Development Project

Codepen: Codepen is the online community for testing and showcasing user-created HTML, CSS, and Javascript code snippets. 

There are any users who create their own code snippets. This site is useful for a front-end developer. You can also use web development project code anywhere.

Github: Github is the place where 50 million developers share their development project.

3D Texture Download is the online free texture site for downloading 3D texture. There you get the texture for wood, plastic, bricks, metal, fabrics, etc. You get access to download 15 images every day. cc0textures is the free texture site with more resolution. There you can download any texture in 1k, 2k, 4k, 8k, etc.

Texturehaven: Texturehaven is one of my favourite site for 3D texture because of its free and useful services. There you can download millions of texture in 8k resolutions.

Youtube Video Download

Save From Net: is the fastest and easiest way to downloading  Youtube videos, Facebook videos, Instagram videos, etc.

You can download files in MP3, MP4, SQ, HD, Full HD quality. It is the most convenient youtube video downloader you have ever tried.

Minimal Color Plate

ColouHunt. co: ColorHunt is a free and open platform for colour inspiration with thousands of trendy hand-picked colour plates.

You can also use his trendy, popular and random colour plate. There are provided minimal colour that makes your design next level. 

Image Size Reducer is the free image size reducer where you can reduce in the format of JPG, PNG, GIF, and BMP. This way you get lighter images easier to upload on a website and the fastest way to send with email and share with friends.

Convert Images into Webp

Webp Converter: is the free online images converter into webp. You can convert image by drag and drop and also you can upload your images. 

WebP Converter supports image format like JPG, PNG, GIF, etc.

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