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Adobe Illustrator CC 2021 Download For Windows and MacOS

What is Adobe Illustrator?

Adobe Illustrator CC 2021. Adobe illustrator is useful software for making icon, create fonts, design banner and poster, making vector graphics, logos, etc. Adobe illustrator provides various version from version 1.6 to version CC. Adobe Illustrator provides various useful tools which help to create vector graphics.

Adobe Illustrator

Important Tools in Adobe Illustrator

Adobe illustrator has its unique tools than adobe photoshop. There are some matching tools like photoshop such as pen tool, rectangle tool, gradient tool, a type tool, etc. But there are so many improvements in the pen tool. You can make smoothly vector graphics through the pen tool.

But there are some completely new tools in illustrator

  • Shape Builder Tool
  • Mesh Tool
  • Sharper Tool
  • Rotate Tool
  • Width Tool
  • Scale Tool
But shape builder tools is the most important tool in illustrator. Shape builder tool used to remove an extra element in logos, design, icons, etc. And we can use the mesh tool for creating multiple paths.

Plugins In Illustrator

Adobe Illustrator Plugins

This article will provide you with the best 13 adobe illustrator plugins that save your time and efforts. These plugins are valuable for making vectors, creating logos and icons, making creative banners, etc. 

Some of these plugins are paid and some are free. This is my best plugins list which helps you to create a creative design. These plugins are not available in an older version of illustrator.

Is illustrator is completely free?

No, the illustrator is not free to use. But we can use illustrator without creative cloud. Illustrator is completely paid, you can use illustrator for 7 days trial. 

Adobe Illustrator free

But there is some website which provides a crack version of illustrator. You get completely full features in the crack version. Some of the websites provide a crack version of illustrator.

There is the some of website which provides completely free crack version of adobe and others software. But my recommendation is that you can download easily crack software from getting Into PC.

What can you do with an illustrator?

Illustrator is useful software for vector graphics, logos making, icons making, fonts making, creative banner and posters making, 3D, etc. Most of the companies are used illustrator for their daily work. But illustrator is not for photo editing. There are no tools available for photos editng.


You can use illustrator for web design. You can use multiple artboards in illustrator which is useful for web design.

Which is better Photoshop or Illustrator?

There is no doubt about both software. Photoshop is used for photo editng, photo manipulation, raster graphics, etc. But illustrator is completely different because we can use illustrator for vector graphics, logos making, icons making, fonts making, etc.

Photoshop VS Illustrator

But if we are looks at photoshop and illustrator tools then photoshop provides more tools than an illustrator. we are also a problem while removing the background of images in illustrator.

About Adobe Illustrator

Initial Release Date

January 1987


Adobe Inc.

Operating System

Windows 10, macOS and Sierra

Programming Language

ActionScript, C++

Some Useful Shortcut on illustrator

Select all item on layer

Mac: Option + Click Layer

Windows: Alt + Click Layer

Hand Tool

Mac: Spacebar

Windows: Spacebar

Activate zoom In tool

Mac: Cmd + Spacebar

Windows: Ctrl + Spacebar

Activate zoom Out tool

Mac: Cmd + Option + Spacebar

Windows: Ctrl + Alt + Spacebar

Access Selection or Direction Selection Tool

Mac: Shift + Arrow Direction

Windows: Shift + Arrow Direction

Add To a Selection

Mac: Shift-Click

Windows: Shift-Click

Lock Selection Artwork

Mac: Cmd + 2

Windows: Cmd + 2

Unlock All Artwork

Mac: Cmd + Option + 2

Windows: Ctrl + Alt + 2


Mac: Option + Drag

Windows: Alt + Drag

Scale Proportionally With Selection Tool

Mac: Shift + Drag Bounding Box

Windows: Shift + Drag Bounding Box

Sample Colour


Show/Hide Artworks

Mac: Cmd + Shift + H

WIndows: Ctrl + Shift + H

View All Artboards in window

Mac: Cmd + Option + O

Windows: Ctrl + Alt + O

Decrease/Increase Font Size

Mac: Cmd + Shift + <or>

Windows: Ctrl + Shift + <or>

Decrese/Increase Kerning or Tracking

Mac: Option + Arrow L/R

Windows: Alt + Arrow L/R

Align Text Left/Center/Right

Mac: Cmd + Shift + L/C/R

Windows: Ctrl + Shift + L/C/R

Save For Web And Devices

Mac: Cmd + Shift + Option + S

Windows: Ctrl + Shift + Alt + S 

Download Adobe Illustrator

Adobe Illustrator CC 2019

Click Here

Adobe Illustrator CC 2020

Click Here

Adobe Illustrator CC 2021

Click Here

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