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Adobe Photoshop CC 2021 Download For Windows and MacOS

Adobe Photoshop CC 2021. Adobe Photoshop is the photo editng software developed by Adobe inc. We can use photoshop for graphics design, photo manipulation, photo editng, icon making, etc.

Adobe Photoshop CC

Features of Adobe Photoshop CC 2021

  • Sky Replacement
  • Skin smoothing-Neural Filter
  • Smart portrait-Neural filter
  • Colourize-Neural filter
  •  Pattern Preview
  •  Quick Actions
  •  Live Shapes Enhancements
  •  Discovery Panel
  •  Preset Search
  •  Version History
  •  Select Subject Improvements In Select and Mask Workspace
  •  Select And Mask Presets
  • Refine Hair
  • Content-Aware Tracing Tool
  • Easy Plugins
  • Depth-Aware Haze - Neural Filter
  •  Make-up Transfer - Neural Filter
  • Use Cloud Documents Offline
  • Reset Smart Objects
  •  Fast Access To Content-aware Fill
  • Brush Tool Search


Watch Photoshop CC 2021 Tutorial on Youtube

I will provide the download link to photoshop. You can also download others version of photoshop from getting into pc. You can also download adobe other software like photoshop, illustrator, premiere pro, after effect, InDesign, XD, etc.

Download Adobe Photoshop CC 2021: Click Here

Version History

  • Older versions
  • CS (version 8)
  • CS2 (version 9)
  • CS3 (version 10)
  • CS4 (version 11)
  • CS5 (version 12)
  • CS6 (version 13)
  • CC (version 14)
  • CC 2014 (version 15)
  • CC 2015 (version 16 and version 17)
  • CC 2017 (version 18)
  • CC 2018 (version 19)
  • CC 2019 (version 20)
  • 2020 (version 21)
  • 2021 (version 22)

Tools In photoshop

  • Pen Tool (P)
  • Crop Tool (C)
  • Zoom Tool (Z)
  • Move Tool (M)
  • Rectangular Marquee Tool (R)
  • Artboard Tool (A)
  • Lasso Tool (L)
  • Quick Selection Tool (Q)
  • Slice Tool (C)
  • Frame Tool (F)
  • Eyedropper Tool (I)
  • Spot Healing Brush Tool (J)
  • Brush Tool (B)
  • Clone Stamp Tool (S)
  • History Brush Tool (Y)
  • Magic Eraser Tool (E)
  • Gradient Tool (G)
  • Blur Tool 
  • Dodge Tool (O)
  • Type Tool (T)
  • Path Selection Tool (A)
  • Rectangle Tool (U)
  • Hand Tool (H)

There are others many more tools in photoshop. But we can't use these maximum tools. Some of the important tools we are used in photoshop like pen tool, a type tool, brush tool, rectangle tool, blur tool, gradient tool, etc.

Plugins In Photoshop

  • Colour correction plugins (Alien Skin Software,[20] Nik Software,[21] OnOne Software,[22] Topaz Labs Software,[23] The Plugin Site,[24] etc.)
  • Special effects plugins (Alien Skin Software, Auto FX Software,[25] AV Bros.,[26] Flaming Pear Software,[27] etc.)
  • 3D effects plugins (Andromeda Software,[28] Strata,[29] etc.)
These are the important plugins in photoshop. Plugins help in photoshop for making creative design, work faster, 3D Plugins, etc.

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