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Cov-19 News - Health & Advanced Premium Blogger Templates Download For Free

Cov-19 News - Health & Advanced Premium Blogger Templates Download For Free

Cov-19 News is the health and professional blogger theme designed by Piki Templates. It is developed with HTMl5, CSS, Javascript and Jquery framework. It is a premium blogger template useful for news blog sites.

The core features of this template are real-time reports updates, dark mode, thicker news, featured post, label post, random post, and so on. 

About Cov-19 News Blogger Theme

Top of the header, it can provide an about us navbar where you can add page links and social media icons and links. Below the header thicker post-show with animated text and scroll buttons. 

Cov-19 News - Health & Advanced Premium Blogger Templates Download For Free

Below the thicker post, the main nav has been shown with logo, post and page links, dark mode and search icons. Below the header, a responsive featured post has been provided. You can get thumbnail, title, buttons and description. 

Below the featured post, responsive ads have been shown with banner style. And after you can show label post with grid and list style.

The footer section is useful for providing useful social and page links. These templates provide random, popular and recent post with a list system. There are you can add about us, follow us icon and footer copyright. 

This theme provides a sidebar. In the sidebar, you can add Multiple gadgets like rectangle ads, social button, popular post, label, etc. 

Features of Cov-19 News Blogger Templates

Fast Loading: This is the fast loading blogger template. The speed of this theme is over 60 on mobile devices and over 90 on desktop devices. 

Ajax Mega Menu: Ajax Mega megu is the recent, random or popular article shown in the header. This template provides grids mega menu with thumbnail, title and description. 

One-Click Dark Mode: This template provides dark mode on the free and paid version on top of the header. 

Featured Section: Featured Post is useful for any blog site. This template provides a responsive featured post with a grid style. There you can show four featured posts with images. 

Label Post: Label post is useful for a categories blog post with labels. This template provides a label post below the recent post and about the recent post. 

Random Post: Basically, a random post is automatically generating a blog page article. We can see random post on the footer menu in this template. 

Fully Responsive: This template was responsive on any devices like desktop, mobile and tablet screen. There are used a proper grid system for making responsive design. Almost there are also you can add responsive ads on the homepage and blog post. 

SEO Meta Tags: This template provides SEO meta tags and advanced schema markup which helps to know your blog easily by any search engine. 

Thicker Post: Thicker Post is useful for news and blog site. It shows a recent blog post top of the header with the title. 

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