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Freebify - Responsive and Premium Blogger Template Download For Premium Version

Freebify - Responsive and Premium Blogger Template

Freebify is the professonal, responsive and fully customizable blogger template. It is designed for that site that provides online assets such as graphics design resources, templates, icons, software and so on. This template was designed by This template designed 3 versions of the theme as default, dark mode and RTL version. 

The base features of this template are the professonal hero section, advanced features post, advanced related post and so on.

First, we can see the responsive navbar on top of the menu with the search bar, logo and useful links. The hero section is one of the best parts of this theme which makes this template professonal. It provides a search engine on the hero section with a title and subtitle.

And then we are seeing the featured post. You can only add one featured post below the hero section where post thumbnail, title, tags, publish dates, description and one button are provided.

After you can place ads with banner style. And then-latest post has been shown. After that, another banner ad has been shown. The last thing is professonal footer has been shown were about us, follow us, subscribe box and the popular post has been added.


Features of Freebify


Faster Loading


Remove footer credit


Fully Responsive


Custom 404 Error Page


Font Awesome Pack with CDN Cloudflare


Advanced featured post


Fully Customizable

Hero Section

Freebify - Responsive and Premium Blogger Template

Hero Section is useful for provides some information about the site. This template provides a hero section with a search engine, title and subtitle. It is one of the professional and responsive hero section. The hero section has been full width on desktop and mobile devices.

Responsive Ads

Responsive ads are one of the important stuff on blog site. If ads not responsive it makes any site ugly. There is some limitation showing ads on this template. Because in another template, there are provided sidebar on the homepage where you can show ads whatever you want. But this template not provided a sidebar.

Freebify - Responsive and Premium Blogger Template

So, you can add at least 2 ads on the homepage with banner type. it is good for you if you add auto ads to your site. Auto ads automatically add ads on the homepage how much needs. You can also set the number of ads shown on ads. And the last thing is you need to custom add banner ads on the homepage on the layout menu.

Related Post


Freebify - Responsive and Premium Blogger Template

This template used font awesome icons with CDN links. Font Awesome is one the best site for use icons. You don't need to download icons but we need to copy the CDN links. And then copy the icons links and paste them on HTML. It also makes SEO friendly site. We need to avoid the maximum use of images because it loads the web pages.

SEO Friendly

This template was SEO Friendly. All the HTML, CSS and Javascript structure of this template is developed with a framework. The speed of this template was over 70 on mobile devices and over 90 on desktop devices. The speed is sufficient as required.

Freebify - Responsive and Premium Blogger Template

The First Contentful Paint(FCP) is 2.6s, First Input Delay(FCD) us 19ms, Largest Contentful Paint(LCP0 is 3.4s and Cumulative Layout Shift(CLS) is 0.03s.


Freebify used trending fonts provided by Google. This template used Roboto fonts. Google fonts are used with CDN links. Google Fonts is the number one fonts site where you can use unlimited fonts with CDN links. Basically, you need to choose the fonts and select the style and copy the CDN link and paste below the head.

Footer Copyright

But there is some problem while you can use this template for free. You can't change the footer credit on the free version. But in the premium version, you can change the footer credit by simply go to the layout menu. And Click on footer copyright. Now change the template name into your site name. Also, change the site URL by click on edit HTML.

Mega Menu

Freebify - Responsive and Premium Blogger Template

This template also provides an ajax mega menu. It is one of the greatest features for users to easily can access your lable and recent post at the top of the menu. It is also not available in the free version. You can also add your label post on the mega menu. By just add a label or recent on shortcode label. For eg: {getMega} $label = {Your Label} $type = {msimple}.

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