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How to Earn Money Online in Nepal Without an Investment of 2021?

Most people can't get jobs. So they're considering making money online. But working online, you need gadgets such as a desktop and the Internet.

Most people can't get jobs. So they're considering making money online. But working online, you need to have gadgets such as a desktop and the Internet. If you have all of these then you can earn plenty of money online. But you need to take a patient because earning online takes some time. You can earn money online by placing advertisements, promoting a product, and delivering services and hours.


How to Earn Money Online in Nepal Without an Investment of 2021?

I've been online for 2 years now. Now I start winning blogging with the meaning of ads and by promoting a product. Hello everyone My name is Sandesh Tandan and I am a full-time blogger, graphic artist and programmer.

Now let's talk about a platform where you can begin to earn money. If you plan on winning online, then you should start today. Here we discuss life while working online works which have done 1 lakh a month.


First, we are talking about Blogging. Blogging is the online content writer who works on some platform. The person who writes the article is called blogger. Today you can start blogging for free without buying domain and hosting. There are two famous platforms for blogging. One is and another is


Blogger: Blogger is a completely free platform where you can get free subdomain and hosting. There are easy to set up all things. There you can get professional templates and easily customize templates. You can also add a custom domain on But whatever platform you need to provide useful content. 

WordPress: WordPress is paid but there are you can custom-designed your site. There are also provide a lot of plugins that help to edit the site, make SEO friendly site, create useful elements, etc. And there are you need to buy domain and hosting. Buy domain and hosting, the total cost is about 2 to 3 thousand per year. 

Earning money from a blog site is easy. You can earn money from the blog by placing ads and do affiliate marketing. Earn money from ads sense is so simple, just you need to apply for ads sense approval from google ads sense. But your site has sufficient traffic to meet ads sense terms and conditions. 

And affiliate marketing is also good for earn a lot of money. You can earn money from affiliate marketing more than ads sense. Amazon is good for affiliate marketing. Amazon provides unique links for any product and you can place this link on social media and blog site. If any users buy that product with your URL then you get a commission. You can also write content about the product and provides a link on the blog. 

The last thing is that blogger or WordPress, which platform do you choose. If you have money to invest online then you can choose WordPress for blogging. And if you have no money to invest then you choose to blog. I also do blogging on because it is free and easy to use and it is perfect for beginners.


You obviously know about youtube. You also watch youtube videos like comedy, knowledeful, motivational, roasting, cooking, and so on. Then have you ever think you how much YouTuber earn money from youtube. Obviously, you can earn from blogging more than youtube. 


But there are also a lot of people who watch videos. There are different types of users some are watch vides for entertainment and some are watch videos for gained knowledge. The main point is how you can make youtube videos part-time and trust me you can earn a lot of people than jobs.

Ok, you need to make youtube videos. One is a camera you already have that is a smartphone. Now you can make quality videos using a smartphone. And another important is voice. Voice engaged users and makes your videos viral. You need to have one microphone which you can buy at 1 thousand rupees from Daraz and from offline.

And also you have a small studio or place where you can make videos. It is all about you how you can manage it. The last thing is you can choose your niche. Niche is the passion of persons. So, you have one skill for making videos. 

No one can learn all things at starting. There are also many things you need to learn for making a youtube channel. Video editing, keyword, thumbnail, proper setting up, and so on. You never think about this all thing. Every people start from the beginning.



Freelancing is the online services where you can provide services to the client. But there is a need to have digital skills. Digital skills include web designing, data entry, graphics design, web development, and so on. If you have a desktop then you can learn one of these skills. You can earn more than Youtube and blog from freelancing. 

Top 8 Freelancing Sites

These are the best freelancing sites for someone who are paid and someone free. Upwork is the overall best freelance website that has a tool to support your career development.

First, you need to makes a professional profile on these freelancing sites. And also add your Gigs. If any client likes your profile and working experience then they provide works for you. But you have the best experience in your skills.

Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate Marketing is the way of promoting the product through any site or social media and earn a commission by selling the product. At that time, there are a globally do affiliate marketing. First, you have a base, which means you have a website or social media to promote a product. If you have a site then it has sufficient traffic.

Affiliate Marketing

First, you can try to make sufficient content and traffic. And after you can write an article about the product such as the top 10 best smartphones under 20 thousand and provide product link.

Top Sites For Affiliate Marketing

  • Amazon Associates
  • eBay Partners
  • Shopify
  • Clickbank
  • Rakuten Marketing
  • Jot Form Affiliate

These are the sites which are providing good commission by selling product. If you think do affiliate marketing through social media then Facebook and Instagram are best for you. But again, you need to gain followers. 

But it is required to have a blog for affiliate marketing. You can make free blog sites with and easily do affiliate marketing and earn money.

Online Store

Now people like to buy and sell product online. So, they are started their business online. If you have a retail or wholesale trade then you can also try to sell more product online. Ok, you need an e-commerce website for that. You need to hire a developer for an e-commerce website. Or you can hire a professional developer in a fiver or any others freelancing sites.

Online Store

If we are looking for an amazon company then it also starts on small online store sites. Now lots of people prefer to buy a product online. I know you can't make a company like Amazon. But you can sell your product in a local business. Or google also promote local businesses. You can also make a google my business account where any customer easily finds your places.

Social Media Marketing

Social Media is one of the best ways to promote a product, get popularity, and earn a lot of money. There are millions of active users on social media. So, it is important to get benefits from social media. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, etc are the most popular social media in the world.

If you think about earn money through social media then you have professional profiles. Ok, how to earn money through social media. You can earn money through social media by placing ads, promote a product,  promote a website, and so on. You need to regular activities on social media and publish a post on social media.

Selling Images

Selling Images

If you have a good camera then you can earn money by selling images. There are many sites where you can sell your footage. You can sell images, Videos clip, templates, 3D models, Music, etc. 

Sites For Selling Your Images

  • Shutter Stock
  • Etsy
  • Adobe Stock
  • Alamy
  • 500px
  • iStock Photos
  • SmugMug Pro
  • Policy

There you can set a custom price for your images. If you have no good quality camera. Then you can also sell photo manipulation images. Photo Manipulation is the way of collecting a large number of images and makes beautiful arts using images, flares, texture, shadows, colour blending, etc. You can download this free copyright images from pixbay, pixels, Unsplash, freepik, etc.

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Hello to everyone. My name is Sandesh Tandan. was created by myself. It's my personal blog where I offer graphic design, Blogging, programming, and digital marketing advice.


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