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How to Start Blog In Nepal Without Buy Domain and Hosting?

Blogging is the best way to make money by placing ads. If you have your own blog, then there are lots of opportunities to make money. Google AdSense

Blogging is the best way to make money by placing ads. If you have your own blog, then there are lots of opportunities to make money. Google AdSense and affiliate marketing are the best way to make money through blogs. You can build a free blog without buying the domain and hosting. Blogger offers free hosting and a free subdomain. It is simple to create a blog site by simple step.

How to Start Blog In Nepal Without Buy Domain and Hosting?

Nepal has made progress with digital technology. A few people are earning 1 lakh a month thanks to blogging. Gadget Byte Nepal, Tech Sansar, ICT Frame, Nepali graphics, etc are the top blogging site in Nepal.

Some of the websites are open under Blogspot. After your earning is started, you can shift to WordPress. WordPress is the platform where you can create a professional blog website by drag-and-drop. 

How to Create Blogspot Site

How to Start Blog In Nepal Without Buy Domain and Hosting?

It is easy to create a blog spot without paying. Before creating a Blogspot website, you must have some information on is a property of Google. There's a provided subdomain that's

You can also add a custom domain by buying a domain with a domain provider site. But we also know in Nepal there is the problem of the international payment system. So, we can't buy with hosting, Godaddy and so on. But don't worry, there are also many useful sites where you can buy a domain with e-Sewa, debit card and Khali account. The web host Nepal, Himalayan host, Prabhu host, etc. But web host Nepal is best for you.

The second thing is that the blogger doesn't have a professional blogger theme. So, we need to custom install the blogger theme. You can install custom template from Piki Templates, Templateify, My Assets Pack and so on. These are the site where you can get professional, clean and elegant, and SEO friendly template.

The last important things are that you need to do the proper setting of your site. There are some useful or important settings such as description, keywords, title, search console, profile, etc. You need to register your site in the google search console. 

Google search console is the way of indexing your site on google. Another benefit of the google search console is that you can check your site speed, performance, click, CPC, etc.

After choosing templates and proper set-up, before publishing your first post. You need to choose your niche. Niche is the topics choose for working on that. Now publish your first post.

But there need to have a professional and readable blog post. so, write content at least 1000 words. And also use images and videos in a post.

How to buy the domain in Nepal?

How to Start Blog In Nepal Without Buy Domain and Hosting?

There are not so easy and customize domain name in First, you need to find a cheap domain name provider site for the website in Nepal. We don't need to buy a domain name for our site.

Websites for the buy domain name in Nepal

These are some cool website for buying a domain in Nepal with an e-sewa id, bank account, and Khali account. Just you can send money with reference number and ID. Before choosing the domain name you need to choose a short name for your site. Just like your name and short name that relates to your website.

While buying a domain name you need to enable DNS services. It is completely free provided by all domain authority site. If you buy the domain from this site you can pay for 1200 per year and after you need to renew it at the same price.

While adding a custom domain, there is some error shown on your blogger site. But it is not an error, it provides hosting server name and domain name which you can add to DNS services. For more information watch the video till the end.

Which language is best for writing an article Nepali or English?

How to Start Blog In Nepal Without Buy Domain and Hosting?

This is also a most asking question. But don't worry, it is so easy to question. Most of the Nepali Bloggers start a blog in Nepali blog. But this is also right if you create a blog for news and magazine. But if you create a blog for thinking globally. It helps you to get organic traffic and high CPC. 

You start with the Nepali News portal site. Then I recommended you can write an article in the Nepalese language. Then otherwise you can write in the English language. Another benefit of writing an article in the English language is you can easily write an article without any third-party tools support. But in the Nepali language, you need to use google translate, google input tools and some voice dictation tools.

How to earn money from a Blog?

How to Start Blog In Nepal Without Buy Domain and Hosting?

This is also another topic which I write an article one thousand to fifteen thousand. But we are simply talking about that. There are so many methods of earning through a blog. Google Ads Sense, Affiliate marketing, promote any site, etc are the most common way to earn money through blog.

But Google ads sense is the best way to earn money passionately. First, you need to apply ads sense approval to the google ads sense. But you need to have a maximum of 10 to 20 thousand traffics per month.

And another important stuff is you need to proper research about ads sense. Because of some of the cases, it should be banned. And you always add auto ads on your site. It is easy to place your ads on your site. And you can also provide amazon and other affiliated site product to your site. After 1 to 2 years you can earn money through your blog.

Best tools and extension for bloggers

How to Start Blog In Nepal Without Buy Domain and Hosting?

Starting a creating blog, you have a lot of resources for making a perfect article. There are some useful extension, site and tools that help you to do a blog more efficient.

Ubbersuggest: Ubbersuggest is the keyword research, site traffic, website analyzer, backlink checker site which allows you to do all thing for free. Why I recommended this site because this site is free to use and easy to understand all tools. In the market, there are all advanced tools like ahrefs, semrush, keyword everywhere etc are paid. So, ubbersuggest are best for you.

Pixabay: Pixabay is one of the best sites for downloading copyright images. This site is completely free and downloads any images without any limitation. In the blog post, there are need to be a lot of images and videos. So, there is also a simpler site for downloading copyright images such as,, freepik, etc. But you need to rename this image by click f2 on the keyword.

Grammarly: Grammarly is one of my best chrome extension. It allows you to correct all the grammar of any blog. The best thing is you can correct grammar, rephrase words, and so on. Just you need to add this extension from the web store.

Google Docs: Google docs is also useful while creating a table for your blog. In the previous version of, there are provided add table options. But now it is deleted from that. So, using google docs, you can create 20+ column tables and paste them into the article.  To paste the table on the article, you need to copy the table and paste it on the blog compose.

How to find topics for writing articles?

How to Start Blog In Nepal Without Buy Domain and Hosting?

It is also one of the best questions did you asked me. There is much many more site for find blog topics. Google question hub, quora, and youtube are the best way to find blog topics.

Using google question hub, you can find unlimited keywords in your particular niche. You need to add your keywords like how to start a blog, start youtube, etc., and then the related question has been shown. 

Quora is also the best platform for finding the best blog topics. You can also ask a question to all the global users. Or you can search in quora in your particular niche and it shows the result. Quora is also useful for creating backlinks on your site. 

Youtube is also best for learning and finds niche topics for your blog. Many sites update day today. So, you need to find this site and making a blog on their video titles. But you need to do some improvement in keywords. There is so many difference between youtube and blog.

How to do on-page SEO for your blog?

How to Start Blog In Nepal Without Buy Domain and Hosting?

Do on-page SEO for your blog is so simple. Just you can provide relevant links to the text. There are also you can provide your previous article by showing the related article or previous article. You can provide not only the site links you can also provide other site links. So, building on links your site authority has been increased and it helps to index your article fast.

Not provides duplicate time same links. But you need to provide main keywords links. Just like I am writing an article about how to start a blog then I won't provide links about on-page SEO. But I am not writing articles about it. So, what I do is provide Wikipedia and other relevant site links.

How to create free backlinks?

How to Start Blog In Nepal Without Buy Domain and Hosting?

Creating free backlinks is so easy. Some useful sites allow you to get high-level backlinks., quora, Wikipedia, etc are the most relevant site for creating free backlinks. There you need to copy and paste your recent article title and some description and provides article links.

And social media is also useful for creating backlinks. Most of the news sites in Nepal, they got traffic from social media. Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Tumblr, mix, etc are famous for getting free traffic.

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