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How to Start Daraz Affilliate Program in Nepal 2021?

Affiliate marketing is one of the best-earning sources online. There are a lot of company offers an affiliate program to creators. Amazon, eBay,

How to Start Daraz Affilliate Program in Nepal 2021?

Affiliate marketing is one of the best-earning sources online. There are a lot of company offers an affiliate program to creators. Amazon, eBay, Click Bank, Shopify, Jot Form, etc are the popular affiliate program. But we can't talk about this affiliate program. Today we are talking about the Daraz affiliate program.

Daraz affiliate program is a program through the content creator, blogger, publishers for providing some commission to the product promoter. An affiliate program is not only a promotion of a product and it is also a promotion website, videos, pages and so more.

What is Daraz Affiliate Program?

Daraz Affiliate Program launched in 2063 in Nepal. It is also good news for blogger, YouTubers and social media marker. Before 2063 there is no one company that promotes the product in Nepal through online creators. 

Daraz has a million products. Now it is a multinational company. It sells its product in Nepal, Bangladesh, Myanmar, Pakistan, and Sri Lanka. The first Daraz online store company start in Pakistan. The founder of Daraz is Muneeb Maayr and Farees Shah is the co-founder of Daraz.

How to Join on Daraz Affiliate Program?

It is easy like you can join on Amazon affiliate program. But some of the things you need to consider while joining any affiliate program. The first thing is you have a blog or social page where you can promote your product.

If you want to join in Daraz affiliate program then you have at least 10,000 organic traffic. And if you are starting from social media page then you have one page. 

The page has sufficient followers and posts. At least you have 5,000 to 15,000 followers and 100 likes per post required while joining an affiliate program.

Although, every people do not have this types of traffic and followers. There are check sites and pages by Affiliate Marketing export. 

So, It is not required to have a sufficient amount of traffic and followers. This can also submit your approval if your content is best and match their affiliate terms and conditions.

How to earn commission through the Daraz affiliate program?

There is no large type of script after getting Affiliate Program approval. These sites sent you email after your sites have approved. And they also provide a link to your affiliate dashboard. You need to click this link and you can visit on Affiliate Program dashboard.

There you need to log in with your recently signup email and password. They are shown your earnings, clicks and product list. And their also search products option.

First, you can search for a product in your niche. Every product has a unique URL provided to the affiliate marketers. So, you need to copy this URL and paste it on your blog and social media page. 

When some people buy product click-through links you can get some commission through Daraz. You can also write an article about the product on the blog. The blog is the best way of doing an affiliate program.

How to Sign Up in Daraz Affiliate Program?

There are some difficulties so I will guide you in this article. The main thing is that you need to have a Nepa Government Citizenship and PAN Card. It is required while doing affiliate marketing.

Step1: First visit the site. It is the site launched for Nepal. Then you need to go on the footer where you can find on Daraz Affiliate Program.

Step2: Then there are provided Sign Up button and terms and conditions. You can also read this agreement before the signup process.

Step3: Then you need to click on the signup button. After clicking on the signup button and click on next. The first one is site, page and app links. Application without links will automatically be rejected.

Step4: Tell us about your business, and monthly traffic. The one thing is you can provide a correct answer because it can also check Affiliate Export. 

Step5: Now there are provided beneficiary name, address, phone number, bank details, and so on. Beneficiary Name is the person who receives a commission from the affiliate program.

Step6: Provide Tax ID from the PAN Card and 13% VAT Rate. And provide your information such as email, full name, phone number, Nepal registration number, and country. And agree to all the terms and conditions.

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