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Median UI v1.4 Elegant and Premium Blogger Template Download For Free

Median UI Elegant and Premium Blogger Template. Medium UI is the professonal blogger template design by Jago Desain.  Every element in this template is dynamics. I will provide full features on the free version. This template is only for the paid version but I will provide this template for free.

Median UI

Features of Medium UI

  • AMP Blogger Template
  • Moden and Elegant design
  • Show blog post in grid and list style
  • Clean and professional trending post
  • Responsive Ads
  • One-Click Dark Mode
  • Professonal Search bar
  • Table of content in a blog post
  • Advanced related post
  • Social media plugins
  • Add Multiple profiles

AMP Blogger Template

Median UI is the Amp blogger template. The speed of this template on mobile devices is over 90 on mobile devices and over 90 on desktop devices.

  • First Contentful paint - 2.1s
  • First Input Delay - 41ms
  • Largest contentful paint - 2.8s
  • Cumulative layout shift - 0.01

So, if you are looking for fast loading template then I recommend you use this template for a better experience.

Modern and Elegant Design

The design of this template is next level.  This template is designed with a clean and professional layout. The best part of this template is to show blog post in a grid and list style. The sidebar header is so cool with its icon and minimal design. 

Sarda Templates

Show blog post in grid and list style

This is one of the unique styles of this template. There are you can show every item in list view and grid view. This grid and list item should be responsive on any devices.

Responsive Ads

Responsive Ads is the common and important stuff of any blog site. This template was fully ads sense friendly. You can add at least 3 ads on the homepage and 3 ads on a blog post.

One-Click Dark Mode

Dark Mode is useful for any blog site. This template provides responsive dark mode with a modern icon.

Table of content

If we are looking for a table of content in blogger then we need to custom add a table of content code in blogger. But this template provides a table of content popup icon on a blog post.

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