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Supermag Blogger Template Premium Version Download For Free

Supermag Blogger Template Premium Version Download For Free

Supermag can be used for a variety of blog categories, such as movie news websites, technology, graphics, blog categories, and other unique websites.

This template comes with a lot of useful features. We've built it specifically for tech magazine blog entries, and we've included an infographic to help you comprehend it.

About SuperMag Blogger Template

You may view it below as well. This template is optimized for SEO, mobile compatibility, and Adsense to help you create a better blog.

The difference between the free and paid versions can be seen below. Take a look at the list we've provided. We've found a website where you may get it for free.

You can have it right now by clicking on the link. This website is secure. This T is available for download.

Features of SuperMag Blogger Template

Completely Responsive Design: This is the completely responsive blogger template. All the responsive elements such as ads, sidebar, blog post, header, etc.  

RTL Supported: This template supports the RTL version on the free and paid version. You can change the RTL version with just one click. 

Elegant Arabic Font: This template used elegant Arabic fonts which is very popular fonts for web development. 

Left Sidebar: This template provides a left sidebar where you can show popular post, label and many more. 

Featured Articles by (Label, Recent or Popular Posts): This template provides featured article with the label, recent, and popular posts.

Responsive YouTube Videos: This template provides responsive youtube videos post. You can show or promote your youtube videos or provide online courses. 

Fast Loading: This is the fast loading blogger template. The speed of this template is over 60 on mobile devices and over 90 on desktop devices.


Customize SuperMag Blogger Template

Menu in the top bar: Access your blog's Layout > and in the Topbar Menu gadget, hit the Edit Icon.

Icons in the top bar: Access your blog's Layoutclick Edit Icon  > and in the Topbar Iconsit Icon.

Header Logo: Access your blog Layout > and in the Header Logo (Header) gadget, click the Edit Icon >.

Menu in the Header: Access your blog's Layoutclick the Edit Icon  > and in the Header Menu Icon.

Posts that have been highlighted: In the Featured Posts area of your site, go to Layout > and select Add a Gadget > HTML/JavaScript or Popular Posts >.

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