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How to add Facebook Chatbot Plugin in a BlogSpot Site?

today in this tutorial we are learning how to add Facebook chat Plugins to a Blogspot site.

Blogger is the blogging platform offers by Google. There are provided hosting and subdomain for free. There is some limitation we are faced with on blogger site. In the blogger site, we cannot add plugins and so on.

Facebook Chatbot

We can easily add any Plugins to the WordPress site, just like chat boat and SEO Plugins. So, today in this tutorial we are learning how to add Facebook chat Plugins to a Blogspot site. First, start with some simple question.


What is Facebook ChatBot?

Facebook ChatBot is the one type of chating plugins offers by Facebook developers. There are provides one type of JS Script, which we can paste above the <body> tag on a blogger site. 

After adding the script on the Blogspot site, it can automatically reply to the users. But we need to customize this chatbot from the Facebook page.

There is a unique script for every chatbot users. So, first, we need to create a Facebook chatbot on Facebook. 

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Is it a good idea to integrate a Facebook chatbot into a Blogspot site?

Of course, it is a good idea to integrate a Facebook chatbot into a Blogspot site. it helps the users to get reply fast and easy way. But it can slow down your blogger site. 

Because the Facebook chatbot is a heavy script. We can add a Facebook chatbot on a homepage. So, it can also loads while any users visit your site. But it is best for those sites which have large numbers of users on a site.

How to add Facebook ChatBot to a Blogspot site? 

Before we started, you need to have your own page. It is necessary if you want to add a Facebook chatbot. 

And if you are using any Blogspot site, WordPress site, or any platform, just the same step. But today we can add a Facebook chatbot on a Blogspot site. 

  • Go to Facebook Page on a desktop. 
  • Settings>Messanging
  • Click on Add Messanger to your Website
  • Customize Alignment of chatbot
  • Add your domain name and copy cod
  • Now open your Blogspot dashboard
  • Click on the layout and add the widget
  • Click on HTML/Javascript widget and paste code

FAQ About Facebook Chat Bot

Ans. Facebook ChatBot is an artificial intelligence designed to talk with people and answer certain inquiries.

Ans. Facebook starts its own chatbot plugins in 2016.

Ans. You can simply add Facebook chat by copy chatbot script code and paste it above the body tag.

Ans. Python Programming Language is used for making Facebook chatbot.
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