How to Enable DMCA Protection in a Blogger Site?

Enable DMCA Protection in a Blogger Site

If you are a blogger then there is a chance someone copies your content. Most of the sites protect their site with DMCA(The Digital Millennium Copyright Act). It can protect your site photos, videos, written content and more. Most of the time anonymous can copy your article and paraphrase this article. It can change the whole article structure.


Features of DMCA Protection

Protect Your Content: can protect your online content. It can protect your videos, images, online content, and so more. No one can copy your article, and you can easily track your copy content with DMCA.

Keep Content Thieves Away: The advantage of DMCA are content thieves will think twice, your own protection certificate, monitor your protected pages, and effective way to combat copyright infringement.

Protection Certificate: It can provide a badge on DMCA protection site. The users can know about this site is protected with DMCA or not.

Website Protection Pro: You can protect your site with unlimited protection services. It can provide services like unlimited image watermarking, unlimited do-it-yourself takedowns, easy to use case management system, a premium badge, etc.

Find Copied Content: You can scan the web of your copied content using the copy scanner. If you are going with pro then you can scan unlimited web.

Website Detective: The website detective can easily find who copies your content, where the domain is registered, where the domain has been hosted, etc.

Step of Enable DMCA Protection in a Blogger Site

There are two plans for DMCA Protection one is free and another is pro. If you are going with the pro, you can get extra features on it. And if you have no money for investment then you can protect your site for free.

Step1: Visit and click on Sign Up

Step2: Enter your name, email, and company name

Step3: Choose Badge you like

Step4: Copy the Embed code

Step5: Go to and click on a layout

Step6: Click on add widget and add HTML/JavaScript widget

Step7: Paste the code DMCA provides

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