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Top 5 Best Premium and Elegant Looking Piki Bloggers Template in 2021?

Piki Templates offers high-quality Blogger Templates that match your needs, as well as a complete set of powerful blogger template designs that use

Piki Templates offers high-quality Blogger Templates that match your needs, as well as a complete set of powerful blogger template designs that use the most up-to-date HTML5, CSS5, and JS functions.

Piki templates have advanced level schema tags and disabled tags in blogger layout, resulting in a clean template with faster response time and beautiful begins. 

We update our templates weekly, fixing bugs and adding new features. Remember that when there is a significant change, we add a version number, such as 2.0.0 to 3.0.0. Versions of templates are unaffected.

1.Pixy Newspaper 10

Pixy Newspaper 10

Pixy Newspaper 10 is a premium and responsive blogger template. Pixy Newspaper 10 is a professional and responsive blogger template. HTML5, CSS5, Javascript, and Jquery were used to create it. It's perfect for news and magazine blogs.

This blogger theme was created using a new blogger foundation, so it loads quickly. The SEO tags and advanced markup, the removal of the footer credit, and the current icon used with CDN Cloudflare are the main elements of this design.

2.News Blogger

News Blogger

News Blogger is a great template with flexible design response time loading on browser much faster than you think because we have used various high-level Optimisation.

we provide a picture where a user can use a popular post in the place of the featured post, not only that you can also use jQuery picture post it's your own choice, this template has various advanced level gadgets and clean.

3.Dope Creative Blogger Template

Dope Creative Blogger Template

Dope is a fantastic blogger template with elements and a quick loading time. This template includes a lot of cool features like being fully responsive, loading quickly, having an SEO meta pack, having a useful element, and so on.

This template's elements are designed to be both elegant and responsive. You may totally customize this template by changing the colour, width, images, and buttons, among other things.

4.Zamia Style

Zamia Style Blogger Template

The Zamia style blogger template is professional and SEO-friendly. There is no need to create metatags for these templates because different SEO-related meta keyboard and description are already available.

All layout gadgets, such as header links, search bar, email subscription layout, and labels, can be added and removed. You can offer these blogger templates lifetime support.

Article with a full-function layout and top features. This template comes with all shortcodes pre-installed, which you can use on your posts and pages as needed.

5.Funnel SEO

Funnel SEO

Funnel SEO is a professional blogger template that includes various elements that will make your blog stand out. This template appeals to me because of its attractive design.

There is a proper arrangement of all elements and the provision of a different element that transforms your blogger template into a WordPress template.

Top 5 Premium Blogger Template

Blogger is currently one of the most popular blogging platforms. It is well-known for providing a free subdomain and hosting service. When we start a blog in Blogger, we must select the best and most professional blogger template.

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