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How to Start Bug Bounty Program in 2021?

At 21 century, The Bug Bounty program has been riched all over the world. Facebook, Instagram, Google, Microsoft, etc are the famous bug bounty
Bug Bounty Program

At 21 century, The Bug Bounty program has been riched all over the world. Facebook, Instagram, Google, Microsoft, etc are the famous bug bounty program in the world. And this company pays a higher amount of money by reporting bug bounty in their program.

According to Wikipedia, "A bug bounty program is a deal offered by many websites, organizations and software developers by which individuals can receive recognition and compensation for reporting bugs, especially those about security exploits and vulnerabilities.''

Most of the company working on the bug bounty program get rewards with the company. Starting the bug bounty program, first, you need to choose the bug bounty platform.

Bug Bounty Program


Facebook is the popular bug bounty program at the recent time. There are a million users on Facebook. So, There are most of the chance to get a bug on Facebook. Problem on images and videos uploading, Seems private profiles, Seems private photos and videos, etc are the most common bug in Facebook.

Facebook pays $5 to $40 thousands in one bug. There are also seems what type of bug did you find. Bug Bounty on Facebook is not easy because there are thousands of people working on Facebook bug bounty. So, you need to regular working on bug bounty.


According to Microsoft, "Invites researchers across the world to detect and discuss vulnerabilities, particularly Microsoft applications under the Microsoft application bounty program. Submissions qualified are eligible for a $500 to $30,000 bounty award."


Apple has opened its bug bounty programme, which awards $1 million or more to all security researchers for discovering significant failures of its operating system. In addition to the usual payment, each defect found in a beta version earns the researcher a 50% bonus.


Others Popular Bounty Program





















Bounty Program for Beginners

Starting Bug Bounty there you need to consider some points. You need to consider what type of bugs you need in reports, knowledge, process, platform, and so more. You can start bug bounty on the android app, website, ios, and so more.

Choose Right Platform

While starting bug bounty, you need to choose the right platform for bugs report. There is depend on you, which platform do you choose. You can choose bugs on the website, application, Operating system, and so on. You cannot work on all of these platforms. If we discuss the website, then quora, medium, google, yahoo, bing, etc are the most common examples of the bug bounty.

If we are discussed about application then dropbox, drive, maps, Pinterest, Twitter, etc are the most common example of the application bug bounty. And if we are talking about operating system then Windows, macOS, Linux, Macintouch, etc are the most common example of the operating system bug bounty.



And another important stuff while starting bug bounty, you need to have programming knowledge. Java, Python, C++, etc are the basic requirement while starting bug bounty. You can learn this language from W3school, freecodecamp, Coursera, udemy, codeacademy, offline institute, etc. There is no requirement to have knowledge of all of this language, you need to have at least one language knowledge.



There are important things you need to consider while starting bug bounty. You need to choose the best operating system while starting bug bounty. The Linux and macOS is the best operating system for a bug bounty. While working on bug bounty, you need to work on the system terminal. So, you need to have commanded programming knowledge.


Bugs Report 

If you can find bugs on the website, application, and the orating system, you can do so. First, you need to know, what type of bugs can accept by the company. The company only accept those bugs which are a risk to the users. After reporting with the company email, the developers can check it is right or not. 

Then, they can find bugs according to your report then they provide rewards to the reporters. The rewards amount should be different according to the company. But popular bugs company provides $5 to $40 thousand to the bugs reporter.

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