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Razer Premium and Elegant Blogger Template Download For Free

Razer Premium and Elegant Blogger Template Download For Free

Razer Blogger Template is a stylishly designed blog magazine theme with a solid appearance. It comes with several handy widgets for generating news and blog magazine layouts.

By selecting our template, you have made a wise selection. You can see a live demo or download the template by clicking the button below. Please read this guide carefully before attempting to set up your blog, as there is no help available for free users.

Features of Razer Premium Blogger Template

100% Responsive Design: This is the responsive Blogspot template. It is designed with Html, CSS and Javascript framework. The header featured post, and footer is responsive on mobile, tablet and desktop devices. 

RTL Supported: Both the free and paid versions of this template support RTL. With a single click, you can change the RTL version.

Attractive Arabic Font: This template made use of elegant Arabic fonts, which are widely utilized in web construction.

This template includes a left sidebar where you may display popular posts, labels, and more.

Featured Articles by (Label, Recent or Popular Posts): This template displays featured articles by label, date, and popularity.

Responsive YouTube Videos: This template provides responsive youtube videos features on the paid version. You can make different labels with videos. 

Fast Loading: This is a blogger template that loads quickly. On mobile devices, this theme has a speed of over 60, while on desktop devices, it has a speed of over 90.

Ajax Mega Menu: The current, random, or popular article is displayed in the header of the Ajax Mega Menu. Grids big menu with thumbnail, title, and description are included in this template.

One-Click Dark Mode: This template has a dark mode on top of the header in both the free and premium versions.

Online Documentation of Razer Blogger Template

Customize the top bar menu: Go to your blog's Layout > and click the Edit Icon in the Topbar Menu gadget.

In the top bar, you'll find the following icons: Go to the Layout section of your blog. Click Edit Icon > and then Icons Icon on the Topbar.

Header Logo: Go to your blog Layout > and click the Edit Icon > in the Header Logo (Header) gadget.

Access your blog's layout from the header menu: In the Header Menu Icon, click the Edit Icon >.

Highlighted articles include: Go to Layout > and pick Add a Gadget > HTML/JavaScript or Popular Posts > under the Featured Posts area of your site.

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