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4 Web Design Software You Need To Know in 2021?

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Web Design Software

Before start web development, we need to design a website in web design software. It is important for making a complete website with professional looking. But there are many web design software on the internet. Today we are choosing the best software for web designers.

You can use this software for free. There is no cost you need to pay to use this software. This software provides a lot of web designing software such as Pen Tool, Shape Draw Tool, Plugins, Layers, etc. First, we are talking about what is web design.

What is Web Design?

Web Design is the process of design a website in software. It is designed by using tools. The header, article, about, footer, etc are the section design on software.

Web Design is important for complete any website. If you are starting a web development before design a website then there are so difficult to complete a website.

Web Design Software

1. Adobe XD

Adobe XD

Adobe XD is one of the most popular and best web design software for designers. It is developed by Adobe Inc. It is developed by design web apps and mobile apps. It is available for Windows and macOS Operating systems.

Advantage of Adobe XD

  • Live Preview
  • Hundreds of Plugins
  • Used Adobe Cloud icons, images, and fonts
  • Complete Web Design Tools
  • Control All Layers
  • Select custom size and default size

2. Figma


Figma is the vector-based graphics editing and web designing software. It is used in all kinds of graphic design work from wireframing websites, design mobile app, prototyping design, crafting social media posts, etc. 

Features of Figma Software

  • Free to use
  • Version Control
  • Prototyping
  • Live Share
  • Multiplayer collaboration
  • Build-in Commenting

3. Sketch


The sketch is the Vector Graphics editor for macOS developed by Dutch Company Sketch B.V. It was first released on 7 September 2010. It is primarily used for UI/UX design on websites. It is the completely free software available for Mac operating system.

Features of Sketch

  • Tool Sets
  • Vector Editing
  • Code Export
  • Export Presents
  • Grids and Guide
  • Plugins

4. Adobe Illustrator

Adobe Illustrator

Adobe Illustrator is the vector graphics software developed by Adobe Inc. It is made for making vector graphics, illustrator, logos, icons, fonts, web design, etc. You can get those tools that are used in web designing software. And there are a lot of plugins and select custom sizes.

Features of Adobe Illustrator

  • Pixel Perfect Design
  • Access Adobe Stock Assets
  • Build-in design templates and presents
  • CSS Extractor Tool
  • Colour Synchronization
  • Web designing tools
  • Hundreds of Plugins

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