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5 Ways to Get Traffic on a Blog Website in 2021?

If you start your own blog, there is a lot of time to get traffic on a blog site. But some of the blog sites get the fastest traffic on their site.

If you start your own blog, there is a lot of time to get traffic on a blog site. But some of the blog sites get the fastest traffic on their site. They follow some of the tips and tricks to get traffic. There are so many important factors we are discussed in this article.

Get Traffic on a Blog Website

While start writing articles you can focus on link building, content, images, videos, and so on. After all complete writing articles with on-page SEO, you can focus on off-page SEO. Page, SEO is also important like On-Page SEO. Backlinks are the main factor in Off-Page SEO.

While start writing an article, you can make unique images for a blog. And there are provides links to text-related articles. Video is also an important element in the blog.

Tips and Tricks Get Traffic on a Blog Website

1. On-Page SEO

On-Page SEO is the most important factor in rank on search engines. It is the type of link on the text, images, and so on. You need to add links on the important words such as Blogging, Programming, Animation, Video Editing, etc. 

There are a lot of important factors include in On-page-SEO. The table, carousels, slider, alerts, accordion, buttons, popovers, etc are important for Search Engine Optimization. It is also useful for users to get useful information.


While doing On-Page SEO images optimization is most important for Search Optimization. Image optimization does not reduce the size of images. You can maintain the quality of images. But there you need to add anchor tag and title tag on images. You need to add images according to the article. The image quality should be good like 100KB to 300KB size.

The Search Description, Permalink, Title, Label, etc are the important factor in On-Page SEO. But Title and Permalink are the most important for On-Page SEO. There you can add a short permalink to the article. You cannot add stop words on permalink such as a the, an, in, on, etc.

The title is important for On-Page SEO. You can add those types of titles that are very close to your article. You can also focus on keyword research. Ubersuggest, ahrefs, Semrush, google keyword planner, etc are the best website for keyword research.

Keyword Research Website

These are the famous keyword research tools. But maximum keyword research is paid. But if you are a beginner Ubbersuggest is best for you. Ubbersuggest is a free or paid keyword research tool that provides accurate information.

2. Backlinks


Backlinks are important for increase the domain authority of any website. There are so many sites where you can get free backlinks. There are two types of backlinks you need to know:

DoFollow Backlinks is the particular type of link on text, image, and so on. Users can easily visit your site with DoFollow links.

NoFollow Backlinks means there doesn't have a particular link on text and images but there are show your site links through text.

There are many websites where you can get good backlinks for your blog website. But there you can spend some time on link building.

Best Website for Backlinks

These are the famous website or social media to get backlinks for free. Facebook, Pinterest,,, Reddit, Linkedin, etc are the famous social media for getting traffic on websites. Medium is also a good choice for getting traffic on blogs. There you need to write a custom article and provides links on the footer of the article. Quora is the platform to ask the question and provides correct information to the users. So, it is also good for getting traffic on a blog.

3. Share on Social Media

Social Media

Social Media have a lot of potential for famous your blog. There are millions of users who are active on social media. So, social media is the best for promoting any website, famous, and earing. A lot of people earn money with social media. And most bloggers get traffic on their websites with social media.

List of Social Media Share your Article

  • Facebook
  • Pinterest
  • Youtube
  • Instagram
  • Tumblr
  • Reddit
  • Linkedin
These are the popular website for getting traffic on your blog. You can also earn money with Facebook, youtube, and Instagram. So, it is a double advantage for you.

4. Google My Business

Google My Business

Google My Business is famous for promoting local business. It is also important for growing any blog site. Most of the time users can search your website traffic on google. So, if you create google my business the popup box helps the users find your website, social profile, article, services, and so on. You can easily create google my business by click here.

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