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How to Convert Raster Image into Vector in Illustrator?

Are you start making vector graphics. Vector graphics is the way of making vector images with the help of color and tools in the software. Adobe

Are you start making vector graphics. Vector graphics is the way of making vector images with the help of colour and tools in the software. Adobe Illustrator is the perfect software for vector graphics. You can use and download this software for free in Windows, macOS, and sierra.

In this article, we are discussed what are the methods and ways of converting  Raster images into vector images in illustrator. While converting raster images into vector images, you need to know how to use the pen tool in illustrator. You can also have knowledge about colouring, shadows, highlights, etc.

What is Raster Graphics?

Raster graphics are also called bitmap graphics which are made through rectangular pixels. The quality of raster images is less than vector graphics. If we can zoom the raster graphics, it can lose its quality. 

The printing and prepress industries know raster graphics as contones (from "continuous tones"). The opposite to contones is "linework", usually implemented as vector graphics in digital systems.

What is Vector Graphics?

Vector graphics are made through computer software. There are used lot of colours, highlights, lighting, shadows, etc. Making vector graphics in computer adobe illustrator is used. While making vector graphics, the pen tool plays the main role in it. 

Step of Converting Raster Image into Vector Images

1. Download Software on PC

We are used Adobe Illustrator for making vector graphics. There is no alternative software like adobe illustrator. You can download adobe illustrator by click here. Adobe Illustrator was advanced software for making vector graphics. There are many useful tools like pen tools, pencil tools, curvature tools, paintbrush tools, etc.

Most of the artists make vector graphics with brush tools and most of the artists make vector graphics with pen tools. If you start with a brush then you need to have an Olmat tablet. But you can also make awesome art with pen tools.

2. Start with Raster Images

While start making vector images you have one raster image. You have one sample image for converting it. For example, we have one men raster images. We can select the ear of the men, noise, hair, cloth, and so on. So, we can do this only using pen tools. We are adding shadows, highlights, and colouring. So first, you need to download one raster image for graphics.

3. Start with the pen tool

A pen tool is an awesome tool for illustrator, photoshop, and premiere pro. We can see the pen tools on every graphics software. While start converting raster images into vectors, you can use pen tools. You can select every body part of the men in this example. First, you can select every part of the body in the men with pen tools. This is a long process in vector graphics.

4. Coloring

Colouring is the important step after the pen tool. It makes sense in your design. So, choosing a colour for your design, you can choose a matching colour with the subject. You can also download a colour plate for vector graphics. You can also choose colours with the raster images. Just select the eyedropper tool in illustrator and click on raster images.

5. Shadows and Highlights

Shadows and highlights are the last processes of vector graphics. It helps to make your images realistic. So, it is the important steps like colouring. You can provide shadows on images with the help of a pen tool. You need to create a lot of shapes according to the images. If you don't know how to create shadows and highlights then watch this video.

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