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Design and Sell Custom Blogger Templates From Begging to Advance?

Design and Sell Custom Blogger Templates From Beggging to Advance?

Are you Blogger users not WordPress users then one time you can also think about a custom blogger template. There are some types of websites that sell blogger templates and earn money with that. Templateify, Piki Templates, Sora Templates, etc are the Blogger site that sells blogger templates for 10 to 20 dollars. 

3 Programming Language For Making Blogger Templates

Programming Language

HTML: HTML refers to the HyperText Markup Language. It is the main body of any website. Every element is seen on the website it is all HTML code. You can easily learn HTML language in just 1 to 2 months.

CSS: CSS is Cascading StyleSheet that is used for designing HTML Elements. You can learn CSS with a lot of practice. While I start learning CSS, it is quite difficult for me.

Javascript: Javascript is the script type programming language that is used to add functionality to the HTML elements. There is no requirement to know a lot of javascript code in Blogger Template but it is used to make the slider, carousels, drop down, etc in blogger template.

1. Design Blogger Template

Web Design Software

I thought you know all this programming language. Before start web development you need to design it first on web designing software. Figma, and Adobe XD is the perfect software for web designing. Otherwise, you can also use illustrator.

List of Web Designing Software

Starting on web designing, you can focus on the clean and user-friendly interface of the blogger template. Blogger template should be clean, elegant, SEO Optimized, and Professonal looking.

2. Develop Custom Blogger Template

Web Development Software

Now it's time to develop a custom template in a text editor. My recommendation is to use Visual Studio Code for web development. It is free from Microsoft. And there are provides a lot of extensions which helps to code faster and smoother.

Best Text Editor Software For Web Development

These are some text editor software you can use in web development. While starting web development, you can also focus on responsive, SEO, and Professonal. You can make a responsive website with flexbox. And there you need to work on Search Engine Optimization on web development.

3. Brief About Blogger Template

We can use XML Code on Blogger. Tags, conditions, widget, section, etc are you need to know while making a blogger template.

Widget: Widget is the type of element in Blogger such as blog, popular post, labels, etc. The widget can be denoted with the type of widget. There are different types of widgets.

<b:widget id = 'Blog1' type = 'Blog'>


Section: Section is the main body of elements where all the widget has been containing. On the Header Section, The header logo, ul, sidebar, dark mode, mega menu, etc are included.

<b:section id = 'Blog'>

<b:widget id = 'Blog1' type = 'Blog'>



Conditions: Conditions is the way of showing widget in particular pages. For Example, I want to show the hero section on the homepage but doesn't want to show the hero section in the blog section. So, at that time we have used XML conditions.

<b:if cond = 'data:view.isHomepage'>


4. Add Custom Code on Blogger

While copy and paste HTML, CSS, and Javascript on Blogger there are required some XML Boiler print code. It is compulsory to save your theme. Click Here

This is the code you need to paste on blogger. After pasting this code then you can paste your HTML, CSS, and Javascript code. Now all the works have been starting. There are a lot of widgets you can add to every element. If you have some problems then watch this video till the end.

3. Sell Blogger Templates

After making blogger templates. Now it's time to sell blogger templates. But there is a required payments system for selling blogger templates. But don't worry here we have Gumroad which facilitates the sale of products by creators directly to consumers. My recommendation is that don't sell blogger templates with the free versions. It is down your templates value and price.

If you are making a clean and professional blogger template then users can easily buy your theme. But there are so hard to add custom XML code in Blogger. There is required a lot of practice for that.

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