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How to Make Guest Posting Page on Blogger?

Guest Blogging is the act of writing content for another company website.

Guest Posting

Guest  Blogging is the important key of success any blog. It is helpful for any blog author to provides valuable content. Only a single person cannot provide satisfying content to the users. Let's learn about what is guest blogging?.

Guest Blogging is the act of writing content for another company website.

We need to provide an article page for guest bloggers. But in blogger, we cannot make guest blogging pages with custom code. There are required own hosting for guest blogging. In this article, we are discussed how to make guest posting on bloggers. We are using one website to make a guest blogging page. The core features of this site are custom customize, login and sign up page, write an article, own profile for unique users, etc.

Step of Make Guest Posting Page on Blogger 

1. Go to Website

Website ToolBox

Website ToolBox allows you to create a beautiful guest posting page for bloggers. Website Toolbox provides dozens of beautiful themes. This website allows you to sign up and log in and make a profile on the site. The main features of this website are it can provide an article writing forum. There you can upload images, videos, change text style, add links on text and images, tags, categories, titles, etc.

But it is not completely free, it can provide 14 days free trial options. But there is some plan for this website you need to purchase annually.

2. Create Your Account

Step1: Click on Start Free Trial

Step2: Fill Up Username, Password, Email, and Website

Step3: Now Choose Your Themes

You have also been allowed to customize this theme. The Angela, Modern Elegance, Playtime, Classic, etc are the current theme of this template. You can edit the header, colour, backgrounds. fonts, custom CSS, etc.

3. Copy and Paste Script

Now copy the embed code by click on the website logo. There you can find the Embed Option on the members' dashboard. Click on embed and then click on skip. There are provides forum script code which is pasted on the blogger page. After you can paste the code then whatever changes on the Website ToolBox website all the changes have been saved on your page.

4. Final Demo

Hello to everyone. My name is Sandesh Tandan. was created by myself. It's my personal blog where I offer graphic design, Blogging, programming, and digital marketing advice.


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