How to Add Custom Domain in a Blogger?

Custom Domain in a Blogger

Blogger is a popular platform for blogging in recent times. Blogger provides free subdomains and hosting for blogging. After popular your blogs, you need to add a custom domain to your blogger site. It is not simple for adding a custom domain for beginners. 

There are some steps you need to know while adding a custom domain to a blogger site. I used blogger for 2 years and I add 2 custom domains in a blogger one is and another is Now we are going on steps on adding a custom domain to a blogger site.

Step of Adding Custom Domain in a Blogger

1. Buy Domain Names

First, you need to buy custom domain names from a domain name that provides on the site. Godaddy, Google Domains, Namecheap, etc are the popular domain names provider site.

You can buy a domain name at a cheap price. After buying domain names for your site. You have an option DNS Management options in a domain provider site. You need to add a hosting address in DNS Management.


2. Add Custom Domain Names

Now enter your custom domain names in blogger. You can get this option on setting. After you can try to enter your custom domain names, there are some errors in a red line. There you can see CNAMEs or Canonical Name in the option. There are you need to enter two CNAMEs with name and destination.

3. Edit DNS Management

You can get the DNS Management option on the domain providers site. After buying a domain for your site you can manually set DNS Management. There you need to add the Host Name, Record Type, and address in DNS Management. You can get all of this on a blogger site.

The address should be different for all the sites. So, you can add a carefully address on a site. After adding all the information, you need to wait 1 to 2 days.

4. Setting Up

There are some of the options you need to enable after adding the custom domain. There you need to redirect your subdomain into the custom domain. And there are also you need to add your custom domain names into the Google search console. It is all the process of adding custom domain names to the blogger site.

Sandesh Tandan

My name is Sandesh Tandan from Nepal. I am starting blogging 2 years ago. And now blogging is my full part profession.

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