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How to Convert an SVG icon into a Web Font?

Convert an SVG icon into a Web Font

Are you a web developer?. Then you need a lot of web font icons for making a complete website. There is a lot of advantages of using web font icon. In this article, we are converting the SVG(Scalable Vector Graphics) icon into a font icon. There are a lot of advantages of using web font icons are:

This tutorial uses the IconMoon site to convert the SVG icons into web font icons. It is simple to convert the SVG icon into a web font icon by uploading your SVG file in IcoMoon. Before going through this step, you need to have a custom SVG file.

Step of Converting SVG Icon into Web Font

Step 1: Keep your SVG Icon Ready

Step2: Go to IconMoon App

Step3: Select your SVG File and your icon will be appear

Step4: Copy the CDN Links for users

Step5: Copy the Font Icon links for use in web design

You can also provide this icon for the users. The font awesome, bootstrap, etc are also used this same technique for providing web fonts. You can also use this font for your web design. You can use this web font on Wordpress, Blogger, Wix, and so more.

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