How to Start Blog with Mobile in 2021?

Start Blog with Mobile

If you want to earn money online but don't have much money to buy a desktop for online works. Then in this article, we are discussed how to start a free blog with Mobile. There are required some helpful products for blogging

We are starting a free blog on Blogger is a free blogging platform, it can provide free hosting and subdomain. you can easily create your blogger account with mobile in blogger. 

Start Blog with Mobile

Blog: You can start a free blog with There you can use your custom templates. Visit for a professional blogger template. 

Creating a blog in blogger is very simple, just you need to choose a blog name and address. And there you can also focus on SEO(Search Engine Optimization). SEO is the main fundamental for rank any article. 

Keyboard and Mouse: Some of the time I will do blogging with mobile. It is easy like doing blogging with a desktop. While starting a blog with Mobile, you need a keyboard and mouse for writing articles. The wireless mouse and keyboard are the best for blogging with mobile.

And you can also connect the keyboard and mouse with OTG(On-The-Go). You can fully control your phone with a keyboard and mouse. My recommendation is that you can use a chrome browser because there you can open multiple tabs which help to write an article with research. Or you can use another mobile phone for researching.

Useful Article: While writing any writing, you need to understand your users. You can focus on your articles to help anyone or learn something from any users. There is no matter you can use desktop or mobile for blogging.

SEO: It is hard to do SEO with mobile but it is not impossible. You need to focus on On-Page Seo, correct meta tags, good blog layout, so friendly templates, add schema markup, etc. You can do all these things with your mobile phone. 

Images: Make professional images for your blog with mobile is quite difficult. You can use Freepik, Pixabay, and Pexels websites for downloading free copyright images. Or you can make your own custom images with canvas, PicsArt, and Pixellab for editing images.

Sandesh Tandan

My name is Sandesh Tandan from Nepal. I am starting blogging 2 years ago. And now blogging is my full part profession.

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