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Premium and Elegant App Store Blogger Template in 2021

App Store Blogger Template

If you start the App Store Blogger site then you have a professional app store blogger template. Your site should be responsive, SEO(Search Engine Optimization) Friendly, and Professional for App store. Today in this article, I will provide the best blogger template for App Store. You can use this template for free and it is fully customizable. 

List of Apk Store Blogger Template

1. Pure Apk

Pure Apk Blogger Template

Pure Apk is the google play app store blogger template with fast loading performance. This is the fully customizable, responsive, and SEO friendly blogger template. 

This template provides a professional slider menu with icons and modern fonts. You can catagories your Application, Games, Movies, and Books with different labels. Also, it can provide slider featured posts.

2. Sure Apk

Sure Apk Blogger Template

Sure Apk is a similar blogger template like Pure Apk. The core features of this template are fast loading, SEO friendly, Responsive, fully customizable, features a post with labels/recent/popular, etc. And you can download this template for free and premium. 

Other different features of this template are it can provide a hero section with background images, a search bar, and a title. You can also add your label post in different categories. 

3. Google Play Store V2

Google Play Store V2 Blogger Template

Google Play Store is a similar blogger template like goole play store. The elements like the slider menu, search bar, apk showcase, footer, etc are the same as the play store. Top of the header, it can provide professional Slider menu, and search bar. 

This template provides a scroll subheader provides. And there are also provides Breadcrumbs features. The core features of this template are ads optimizing, Responsive, Schema Markup, Fast Loaded, Schema Markup, Auto Read More, etc. 

4. Sora App

Sora App Blogger Template

Sora App is also the same blogger template as Pure Apk and Sure Apk. But some of the layouts have been different and changes. There are also you can catagories your app with different labels like app, games, movies, and books. This template provides cards where you can show your labels or provides labels links. 

5. Blue Apk

Blue Apk Blogger Template

Blue Apk provides a good layout App store template than others. But there are you need to custom customize this template. So, if you want to use this template there you need to know about HTML and CSS. You cannot complete customize this template from customization.

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