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Top 10 Fonts for Graphics Designers Download For Free in 2021?

In graphic design, fonts are extremely important. There are numerous fonts available on the internet. However, the majority of the fonts are

Fonts for graphics designers

In graphic design, fonts are extremely important. There are numerous fonts available on the internet. However, the majority of the fonts are expensive. We looked at ten fonts for graphic artists in this article. This typeface is available for free download. This typeface will be used in my creative graphics design.

List of Fonts for Graphics Designers

1. Helvetica

Helventica Font

Helvetica or Neue Haas Grotesk is the sans-serif typeface developed by Swiss typeface designers in 1957. It is a popular font for graphic designers. You can get thin, normal, bold, Italy, extra bold, black, etc are the most common font family of Helvetica. The Apple, Google, Netflix, Airbnb, Coca-Cola, CNN, etc brands are used Helvetica fonts for their design.

2. Restora

Restora Font

Restora is a mix of old-style roman sans-serif typeface. You can get thin, normal, Italy, bold, black, etc are the font family of Restora. It's ideal for book covers, editorial, branding, and advertising, among other things. 

Its Open Type features include a variety of swashes, lovely ligatures, and stylistic alternates to give your typography a distinctive look.

3. Cormorant

Cormorant Fonts

Cormorant is the stylist serif font developed by Christian Thalmann. This font offers 9 different visual styles (Roman, Italic, Infant, Infant Italic, Garamond, Garamond Italic, Upright Cursive, Small Caps, and Unicase). 

This font used in Publication Graphics design, packaging design, motion graphics, Environmental Graphics, etc. 

4. Grenze

Grenze Fonts

Grenze is a huge text family with nine weights and italics to match. It's influenced by Roman and Blackletter typefaces. It was created to be used in publications.

5. Rockwell

Rockwell Font

Rockwell is a slab typeface designed by Monotype Corporation and released in 1934. Instead of being utilized as body text, Rockwell is generally employed for display or at small sizes. Rockwell is based on Litho Antique, an earlier, more condensed slab serif design from the Inland Type Foundry.

6. Futura

Futura Font

Futura is the geometric sans-serif font designed by Paul Renner. It is released in 1927. It is based on geometric shapes, especially on circles. Futura Font is a bold typeface that is a superb font generator that is free to download and included with Microsoft Word.

7. Rubik

Rubik Fonts

Rubik is the sans-serif typeface with rounded corners. It is designed by  Philipp Hubert and Sebastian Fischer at Hubert & Fischer as part of the Chrome Cube Lab project. Rubik font offers Roman and Italic families with the bold, thin, black, regular, medium, extra bold, etc.

8. Gilroy

Gilroy Font

Gilroy is the sans-serif font designed by Radomir Tinkov. It is the favorite font of graphics designers. It's available in 20 weights, 10 uprights, and italics. Because the Light and Extra Bold weights are free, you can use them as much as you want.

9. Zaio 

Zaio Font

Zaio is a new rounded all-caps typeface that's perfect for headlines and logos. The font was inspired by Ryoichi Tsunekawa's "Bebas Neue," although it was constructed from the ground up and has some significant modifications. This is a brand new font, not a modified version of "Bebas Neue."

10. Morganite

Morganite Font

Morganite is a typeface that comes in 18 variations and is significantly narrower than the preceding example. This works well in retro or classic designs, as evidenced by this fantastic poster.

In the comments box below, tell me what you think of this variant of morganite paired with this poster. However, I personally enjoy it. Morganite 18 fonts are available.

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