Which is Best Platform for Sharing a Blog Article in 2021?


Social Media

Are you a Blogger?. If yes, then you can also share your article on social media platforms. There is a lot of sharing platforms but you need to choose the best sharing platform. Some of the platforms are made for sharing articles on their site.

You don't need to share your article lot of social platforms. You are also sharing your article one by one then I have tips for you to share articles whole the social site. 

List of Platform for Sharing Blog Article

1. Facebook

Facebook is the number one platform for sharing blog posts. There are millions of active users per day on Facebook. While sharing a blog post on social media, you need to have your public page on Facebook. You can also add meta keywords, titles, and descriptions on Facebook while sharing articles on Facebook.

2. Pinterest

Pinterest provides you million of traffic on your site. It is the best and free platform for sharing blog posts. While sharing blog posts, you can also make posters for Pinterest. Pinterest is made for sharing creative art and design. So, make a beautiful poster or thumbnail according to Pinterest size. You can make posters for Pinterest on canva, photoshop, and illustrator.

3. Mix.com

Mix.com is made for sharing blog posts. There are provides profile sections in mix.com. There you can showcase your blog post. It looks like your personal blog site. There is no need to make a thumbnail for the blog post. You can directly share your article on the blog page. It makes a beautiful grid layout on your blog.

4. Google My Business

Yes, you can also share your blog post on google my business. I have already written an article about it. If you want to know how to share blog posts on google my business then read this article. It can show your blog post on google my business profile. It is good for bloggers to create a google my business account.

5. Tumblr

Tumblr is the perfect platform for sharing blog articles. It is also made for sharing ideas worldwide. It is also a popular platform according to bloggers. You can also directly share your article on Tumblr. There you can embed your link, video, image, text, quote, etc.

6. Linkedin

First, Linkedin is not a blog sharing platform. It is made for finding jobs. But there are a lot of bloggers share their blog post and get a lot of traffic. There you can create a professional profile on LinkedIn. There are also easy to rich your profile with users.

7. Reddit

I get a lot of traffic through Reddit last year.  It is also the same platform as Tumblr and mix.com. You can also things that while sharing your blog post you have a knowledgeful article. Reddit is used for a lot of things but it is also the best platform for sharing articles.

8. Medium.com

Medium is a popular site for sharing blogs worldwide. Medium provides a lot of traffic to your site. But it is not an article sharing platform. There you need to write the article according to your blog post. And then provides links with the reading the full article.

9. Quora

Quora is the number one platform for add your question and answer to the users. It is also the best platform for getting unlimited traffic to your site. The famous bloggers used quora for getting traffic to their site. They are targeting a particular question and answer to this question and provides their article links.

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